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September 13, 2006



Mrs P, my sister-in-law was an art student at a similar-sounding institution by the seaside and she has reported being confronted with an alarming fat man as model on her very first day of figure drawing class. Perhaps the same fellow, only swollen? At any rate, she will appreciate your account.

Basil Seal

Fantastic, although there seems to be not enough nekkid women in this story...

Mrs. Peperium

Yes, as I wrote it up I did think the Catholic Boys, for art's sake naturally, would rather hear about the day we took sunbaths on the beach with bathing suits fashioned out of sun-bleached scallop and mussel shells.

Mr. Elk, if your sister-in-law was at the same seaside institution for lower learning, then it could have very well have been him. If she was at the one in Newport then he must have had a brother.

The Maximum Leader

I'll have to concur with Basil about the dearth of details on the female models.

I must ask, out of curiosity only... Wouldn't bathing suits made of scallop and mussel shells chafe? At least around the edges of the shell...

Mrs. Peperium

Ah, another Catholic Boy For Art. My how quickly the ranks are growing. First, to properly initate you to the Catholic Boy For Art Club, you must never ask a question out of curiosity. You must ask it for the Sake of Art or Art's Sake.

Now when you ask, for Art's Sake, if the bathing suits chaffed, my immediate thought is, there is no suffering too great for Art's Sake. My second thought is you must be confusing our bathing costumes with a dress fashioned out of credit cards for the Academy Awards a few years back. Our bikinis differed from that dress in that there were no strings attached. They were just artfully placed shells we had gathered along the shoreline. They would slide off if we sat up or merely giggled. I must admit to there being much giggling and merriment on the beach that day as we tried to figure out how the mermaids kept theirs on.


This is silly, everyone knows that finishing school girls only wear the hollowed out shells of coconuts and grass skirts for their bathing suits. Where have you guys been? Harbin Hot Srings?

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