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September 29, 2006


Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

Not to be picky or anything, but old Pinch was in an F-14 Tomcat. The F-15 Eagle is an Air Force bird...I know Pinch would like the record set straight...

Card,  aka: Ace of Hearts of the IFC (the Flying Wolverines)

Mrs. P, thank you for your insights concerning Fifi Hitler. Better watch for Messerschmidts on the horizon.

Inquiring Minds

I'm curious, just how many members are there in the Roman Catholic Girls for Art?

Mitsy Cabot Vanderholt

Are you saying that Mrs. Card is schizophrenic? I don't think such things should be the subject of jest. You may think you're being clever, Mrs. P, but you're joking could be very hurtful to someone who is seriously ill. Not to mention that if your suspicions are well founded, you could be endangering yourself.

Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

I take it that Mrs. C is safely out of town and not reading any of this?

Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

I believe there are 4 actual members, with some 'non-committed' on the fringes and one honorary Prod member...

Inquiring Minds

Basil, NOT the boys, the girls. Mrs. P referenced the Roman Catholic GIRLS for Art. I asked her how many of them there are.

I realize, of course, that the RCBFA is a much larger and more prestigious organization. I suspect Mrs. P is trying to ride their coattails to fame and fortune with some trumped up, half-baked group of old hens who know next to nothing at all about real art (the kind the RCBFA deals in).

Mrs. Peperium

We're very exclusive. No birth controllers allowed so that cuts down on the ranks as the Protestants have come to learn the hard way.

Mrs. Peperium

By the way, this post is supposed to be about showing the love to Wing Commander Sir Basil Seal and not about the Card's wife mental ticks or the very exclusive RCGFA.

So Mitsy, what is you best guess at the Commander's pet plane name?


Just to be clear (is that allowed at Patum Peperium?), I think we are tying to guess the name given to Wing Commander Sir Basil Seal as a pilot--not the name of his plane. I will assume that Mrs. P is right about the clue: HamsterHammer.

Mrs. Peperium

l guess someone has to snuff them out. They do breed faster than Catholics.

I like Hamster Cage.

Sgt., BTW, check your email.


Oh, OK.

Ummm...Putzi Hanfstaengl? (Known throughout the Reich as the Piano Playing Hamster Hammer.)

Mrs. Peperium

Wait a minute Card. Wasn't one of those Nazi's known as the Desert Fox? Basil's the Desert Hamster.

Binky Tittletot

Marupa is the P's bolivian maid. Fred the hated neighbor is her boyfriend. They have a very complicated relationship.

Card's wife

Mrs. P, are you there?

Mrs. Peperium

That depends. Are you Germany or France?

Card's wife

It's Friday. France.

Mrs. Peperium

I'm here. Hey, I'm about to chambre Mr. P's wine. Maybe we should have a sip or two in about 30 minutes or so? That wouldn't be so terrible. Besides Mitsy must be into her gin by now and she's very proper.


Hmm. Flyboys. Officer and a Gentleman. Richard Gere. Hamsters. I don't think I like where this is going.

Card's wife

Mrs. P, I need your help.

Mrs. Peperium

Quickly, I have to run an errand.

Mrs. Peperium

I'll be back about 5:15.

Card's wife

I've heard from Fiendish and others that I'm sending out blank e-mails. If anyone is receives a blank e-mail from me I would like them to notify me.

Mrs. Peperium

Card's Wife, I'm back. Why are you shooting blanks? Hey, I have to jump in the shower, so I'll be around.

Mr. Peperium

The truly sad thing about Mrs. Card being an unstable blend of France and Germany is her complete lack of will power. Try as she might, she just keeps surrendering to herself.

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