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September 27, 2006



Beau Brummel served as a model for Mr. Darcy? I have a hard time believing Ms. Austen would consider him a role model for the proud but noble Darcy.

Mrs. Peperium

That was my reaction at first. But then i gave it some thought. Miss Austen died in 1817. That would have been 33 years before Brummell's death. Pride & Prejudice was an earlier work of hers and might have been written around 1810 or so. It is quite possible that the young Brummell was a model for Mr. Darcy as all Miss Austen would have known of Beau at that time was that he was tall, elegant, very reserved, not aristocracy but loaded, and accustomed to mixing in the best circles. That is a fair description of Mr. Darcy before Elizabeth Bennett changes him for the better. This little historical fact makes Jane all that more brilliant in my eyes as her Mr. Darcy had the courage to understand what was good for him.

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