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September 14, 2006



I hope the little one gets better.

"Catholic Boys For Art" sounds like a NYC 1980s punk rock band that played at CBGBs.

Do you know any Episcopal or Methodist Boys For Art? I hear the National Council of Churches at Riverside- (that bastion of progressive wymin priestessess) they are very supportive of another group I don't know if you have heard of them called "Islamic Boys who Hate Art but Love AK-47s".

Old Dominion Tory

Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Peperium, on your 16th anniversary. I hope the two of you have a wonderful long weekend, recounting your many years of connubial bliss.

Mrs. Peperium

Thanks Old Dominion Tory. As soon as the kitchen floor has dried, I'm putting a batch of hermits in the oven for Mr. P's breakfast. Before children, we always spent our anniversary in Maine. We would get up very early and hike up Parkman Mountain and have a breakfast of fresh hermits and bottled water while watching Blue Hill and Penobscot Bay down below. When I met Mr. P he was carrying Parkman's book (a lovely cloth edition with ribbons for bookmarks) and I asked him, "What's that? The Bible?" He still asked me out anyway.

The little one is improving Mandingo. Thanks. Aren't Episcopal and Methodist Boys these days all about art?


Have a wonderful weekend anniversary celebration. Hopefully your little one is better. Are you taking the kids with you? Not good, not good at all. ha


Hmmm, I don't know if they are about art these days or what they are into, God knows and God help us, I think they are back to their anti Americanism in the most insane ways - see link below - but I know in the 1980s they were very fond of folksy Latin American silk screen posters of sweaty Sandanistas and "No Nukes" prints they hung up in their offices of the local North-Eastern, say Boston or at Vassar, Hands of Cuba Coalition or something like "Gay Episcopal Chicano Pagan Agnostics for Choice Project" next to the photo of Rigoberta Menchu. Yeecchhh.


BTW my apologies to all the sane Presbyterian art luvvers.

Old Dominion Tory

Hermits! My goodness, Mrs. Peperium, it has been a very long time since I have heard of that delightful New England treat. Your celebrations certainly will begin on an excellent note.
September is truly a magical month in New England and I bet it is enjoyable as well in Michigan.
Again, congratulations.


Congratulations indeed!
I thought is was called "Roman Catholic Boys for Art," but what would I know?

Mrs. Peperium

Fiendish, Mr. P is reading the book you recommended on Saratoga. Roman...Catholic...is there a difference when it comes to art?


If Mr. P finds "Saratoga: Turning Point of America's Revolutionary War" half as captivating as I did, I fear he will not be entirely good company for substantial chunks of the big anniversary weekend. Perhaps you can periodically hide the book somewhere in the crib.
Regarding the other topic, actually, Eastern Rite Catholics do have a different history (compared to Latin rie) as regards art. Although large majorities of Catholic men of all rites have, right from boyhood, shown a keen interest in the type of "Art" you are talking about.

Andrew Cusack

Wider still and wider!
Shall thy bounds be set!
God who made thee mighty,
make thee mightier yet!!!!


Happy Anniversary Mr & Mrs P!

You should see what Mrs C was wearing when I got home. And it's not even my anniversary. She must be very much into art...

or just very naughty.

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