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November 28, 2006



You know I love that song. I have the whole soundtrack on LP. Fantastic.


My mom used to apply mayo from the jar (Hellmans) to water stains on wood - she said it worked.

The Maximum Leader

If mayo removes water stains from wood that would be pretty incredible.

I only buy Hellmans mayo. I remember watching a Julia Child show where she spent the whole 30 minutes showing you how to make mayonnaise. At the end of the show she said that while it was all fine and good to make your own, she found that Hellmans was superior to any she'd ever made and that was all she ever used.

I've never bothered with any other mayo since.

Mrs. Peperium

I have since learned, by the tip of a very gracious reader, that rubbing alcohol is the thing to apply to water marks. I can imagine the oil in Hellman's working very well though the egg scares me. I've been known to pour olive oil into the squeaks of our wood floors. Olive oil is a general cure-all for whatever ails anyone or anything...

Yes, I too have followed Julia's advice on the Hellman's. Though I must admit that I will someday do a Grand Aioli Feast and the mayonaise will be fresh and from a spectacular olive oil. I think a Spanish one though there is a very fruity one from France I'm fond of that isn't too green. I love the flavor of green olive oil. In fact I prefer it. But on a hot day summer day with seafood and fresh vegetables, a more subdued Spanish one will do very well.

As for our chest, it's not Mark Twain's bathtub, but it looks good. My arm may be shot though...

Mrs. Peperium

Oh, and the Card's Wife has an infestation of small furry critters. She is killing them, one by one with chemicals that causes their fur fall off. She is against the humane hunting of mourning doves by licensed hunters but not death by chemicals of critters who are cold, hungry and have sought her out personally for charity...

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