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November 22, 2006


Andrew Cusack

I'm spending this Thanksgiving in Texas.


My fifth Thanksgiving in a row spent in a foreign land.

Robert the Llama Butcher

Speaking of turkeys, Mrs. P, you were the very first person I thought of when I asked myself, "Who do I know that might have a good Turkey Soup recipe?"

If you do, I'd be mighty obliged if you post it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. P just inspected all my pies and brownies and said, "Martha Stewart has nothing on you except a prison record, 20 years and 4 billion dollars."

Yes, Robert, I do have a turkey soup recipe. And a story that goes with it. I'll post it.


Chin up Andrew. The girls in Texas are very pretty. I believe Baroness Thatcher has a granddaughter or two there. They would be about your age...

Andrew Cusack

I actually used to know two Texan girls, Episcopalians, who took me to a Tex/Mex restaurant in Paris when they found out I'd never sampled their national cuisine.


Did they pay?

Andrew Cusack

Good God no. What do you take me for?

Robert the Llama Butcher

Thankee kindly, Mrs. P.

Are you sure those were real Texas girls? Having been a resident alien for some fifteen years, I learned to be extremely dubious of alleged Tex/Mex food found anywhere north of Austin or east of, say, Port Aransas. You certainly can't get the Real Thing in the Dee Cee area. Lawd knows what it must have been like so much farther afield.

The only well-travelled Tex/Mex I ever heard of came about because of the son of a guy in my father's medical practice. He went off to Vanderbilt and started a Tex/Mex place there. Apparently, he did so well that he opened a second store. Although I never visited his restaraunt, I know the food was authentic because he got the recipes from his family's Mexican maid. I'd tasted her cooking and it was quite good.


Andrew, it was what kind of girls I was taking them for...

Robert, my thoughts exactly. Tex-Mex is Paris does not sound promising but the best Indian I ever had was in Tokyo and the best sushi was in the middle of the dessert (Scottsdale).

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