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November 18, 2006


Mr. Peperium

Ah, happy days. Happy days.

Sitting in the student section at the Big House, a flask of something useful in one pocket and the Victorian novel that needed to be read by Monday at 9 AM temporarily forgotten.

Back then the authorities were still combatting the ritual of "passing up". This involved lifting some young lovely thing from one of the first rows of the stadium and passing her up, row after row, to the top. The opportunities for gratuitous gropes were, as you may have guessed, unparalleled. She then sheepishly (and I always thought with a gratified smile) descended to her original row. Of course, the forces of darkness couldn't let this one go. The late great Coach Bo figured prominently in a poster discouraging the practice. But I only saw that poster on the doors of the rooms of girls who were never very likely to be candidates for the compliment.

Then there was the method of making our views felt on the field. Say some strong-greaved Achaean in Maze and Blue had successfully received a pass along the sidelines and started cantering downfield. Say one of those guys in black and white stripes said they saw our hero's foot touch the white chalk that marked the border between the field of immortal glory and our own quotidian existance (more commonly referred to as the "sideline"). Say we disagreed with the call (which we always did). The student sections were the endzones. One endzone would start with an enormous, many-voiced yet eerily unified "BULLLLLLLLLLLL..." Then the other endzone would complete the sentiment with an equally unified scatological noun.

Like I said, happy days.


I can see where all of this would be a break from Victorian novels. But I hope Little Bertie does not read this post, lest he pick up the wrong message.

Mr. Peperium

Let's face it; since Mother Church invented the university, a proper education has consisted of at least two parts study to three parts wine and wenches. So how can he pick up the wrong message? I only fear he'll pick up the wrong girl.


Mr. P, you are right, as always.
Sorry about your team's loss yesterday, but (like you) the polls are right today--Michigan is still better than any team except Ohio State.

Mrs. Peperium

If one has to lose, Ohio State is the team to lose to. That was a great game. Except for not showing Script Ohio and running a "Saturdays With Bo" commentary by the plagerist (sp?) Mitch Albom. What a cheap and sappy writer he is... Troy Smith is has shades of Elway in him with the way he scrambles when the pocket collapses. What fun he was to watch...

Old Dominion Tory

I agree it was a splendid game, although I wish the outcome had been different. I hope Troy Smith ends up on a decent team that will allow him the time to develop into what he clearly has the potential to be: a stunning NFL quarterback.
Go Blue!

Mrs. Peperium

He'll probably end up at at the elephant graveyard...Detroit....

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