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November 21, 2006


Mrs. Peperium

Wing Commander, when it comes to art we all have our different tastes. I understand that most Bond enthusiasts believe that Connery is the best cinematic Bond there is. Fine. Now, people think this new fellow is as good as Connery. Terrific. I don;t agree. I love Roger Moore's smirk and George Lazenby's chin. I've only read OHMSS and Goldfinger so, alas, I cannot discuss any toture scenes in Casino Royale. As far as actually my dating Fleming, I don't think that ever would have happened, do you?


I have to agree with you, Wing Commander. Connery, after all, is the Bond with whom Fleming was familiar and agreeable.

The first few Bond films by Harry Saltzman and Cubby Broccoli (all starring Connery) were the best, being the truest to Fleming's books. Even "Thunderball" was OK. It was with "You Only Live Twice" that things really began to go awry. The series has gone further and further off kilter ever since.

I would really love to see a new series of films based on the books as Fleming wrote them: The Bond of five packs of cigarettes a day. The Bond who dealt with Russia and SMERSH during the late fifties and early sixties -- during the real cold war.

The Bond created by Fleming, fighting the Godless communists in the good old days, that's the Bond of the books. And that's the Bond I wish I could see on film.

Lout, Fiendish Lout

Wing Commander, I agree about Roger Moore not being credible as Bond. And I never bothered to watch the two who came between Moore and Craig. But I think "nancy boy garbage" is off base with Lazenby. He was stiff (at the director's orders, who wanted to be true to his concept based on his reading of the books). But where are his nancy boy traits (unless you are going to focus on the point where his Bond is impersonating Sir Hillary Bray)?

Lout, Fiendish Lout

Card, I am in danger of sounding like a broken record. But the case can be made that On Her Majesty's Secret Service was closer to the book than any of the other Bond films. It was an interruption of the trend you are talking about. If they start explicit, true-to-the-books remakes (which I doubt they will ever do), they should leave OHMSS alone.

Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

Lout, Fiendish Lout...There you have it...In the book Bond posed as Bray, without any changes in voice or behaviour, he was just your average 4 pack a day,very buff and dangerous geneologist...But , I agree with you, the "nancy boy" tag really belongs to Moore. He was only smirking because he knew he was making all kinds of money for a terrible piece of work...He was basically smirking all the way to the bank...


This picture is much better, no warning necessary.

Mrs. Peperium

Wing Commander, "But , I agree with you, the "nancy boy" tag really belongs to Moore. He was only smirking because he knew he was making all kinds of money for a terrible piece of work...He was basically smirking all the way to the bank..."

Perhaps. But I would have gone along with him for the ride to the bank...

Fiendish, I quite agree. I saw OHMSS years after reading the book. I do recall being delighted as to how much it was like the book. Well, the parts of the book I could still recall.

Card, the only time I ever miss the Soviets is in the newer James Bond movies...

Lout...Fiendish Lout

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Ps, the Cs, and other fine folk who stop by these parts.

Mrs. Peperium

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Louts too. We are awaiting the death of Sir Winston Churchill. His death or lack of it, is determining our Christmas travel plans and when we shall see you and Andrew next.

Just in case you think I've been at the cooking sherry, I haven't. Winston is a aged orange tortise shell feline with cancer. My mother believes he'll last until Easter. His doctors are hopeful for Ash Tuesday. Their accountants are praying for the Fourth of July...


Mr and Mrs. P:

Mandingo here, in Miami of all places - cold here. Mrs. Mandingo and I saw the new 007 here - loved it - wanted it to go on over the 2 1/2 hours - would of been happy with 4 hours of continuous Bond. My wife loved it so it has to be good. Mrs. P, you should read Dr. No - pure fun and escapism - Secret Agent Man, Fu Manchu, E. A. Poe, Sherlock Holmes, Bull Dog Drummond, Hemingway all rolled into one. I have read it like a 100 times and it always amuses. The critics at the time hated it - so it has to be good. Fleming wanted Noel Coward to play Dr No in the film I think.
Happy Thanksgiving

Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, Noel Coward? Now, that would have required some serious acting skill on Coward's part in terms with the Bond girls...

I do need to go back and read Fleming. OHMSS will be the first one. On Wednesday, we did purchase Little Bertie Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for Christmas. Got to get the lad off to the proper start...


I think Noel Coward was a neighbor of the Fleming's Goldeneye in Jamaica. Ian knew about Mr. Coward's "manly" likes and I think from what I read - they had a humorous understanding about it - I think Fleming chided him in a friendly manner about it.

"Coward refused to acknowledge his homosexuality, wryly stating, "There is still a woman in Paddington Square who wants to marry me, and I don't want to disappoint her."

or from Wikipedia:

"Coward was a neighbour of James Bond creator Ian Fleming in Jamaica, and his wife Anne, the former Lady Rothermere. Though he was very fond of both of them, the Flemings' marriage was not a happy one, and Noel eventually tired of their constant bickering, as recorded in his diaries. When the first film adaptation of a James Bond novel, Dr. No was being produced, Coward was approached for the role of the villain. He is said to have responded, "Doctor No? No. No. No."

But Mrs. P, I know what you mean.

James G. Poulos

When I was three I rafted down the river past Fleming's Jamaica house. Do I remember this? No, only the vultures. Real live vultures, and a happy raft loaded with Red Stripe -- the pilots of which dispensing bottle after seemingly thirst-quenching bottle to seemingly ever-more-glad recipients. Whether I was allowed any, and whether this explains everything, I leave to the imagination.

Mrs. Peperium

"whether this explains everything..."

Mr. Poulos, we will just add this to your rapidly-developing James Bond mystic... As the Card's wife said, "He's got a great voice and his name is James..."

Do you drink martinis?

James G. Poulos

For martinis Luksusowa with three olives is preferred. Gin is the only liquor not to be served neat. Pour half Tanquery Ten and half tonic, not soda. Pyrat rum requires no ice, nor does Wild Turkey (never the 80 proof strain). Maker's Mark enjoys two or three cubes. When drinking tequila, pour it in a steaming cup of black coffee. Mescal must be poured in a double shot glass. Avoid salted margaritas and Manhattans. For light drinks, singapore slings and cosmopolitans (again, half and half) served in a collins glass are suitable. Wine, as Hitchens says, is red, preferably Malbec, though a Pinot Grigio works well with swordfish and Mahi Mahi.

Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife, are you there?

Card's wife


Card's wife

What are you drinking?

Mrs. Peperium

Who needs a drink? Mr. Poulos's comment makes one tipsy just by reading it. So, what do you think? Does he measure up?

Card's wife

His drinks do.

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