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November 17, 2006


Old Dominion Tory

Indeed, he was. One of the greats in college football. I remember him telling a story on himself. At a function during his first year at Michigan, he joked about changing the helmets--and was met with a stony silence.

Mrs. Peperium

Hee-hee. Zingerman's makes a chili cheddar loaf that they cut with the helmet design. When we were first married and Mr. P took me to our first game -he is so much fun to go to a game with- I asked what was up with the design. I think he seriously contemplated divorce...

Old Dominion Tory

Mrs. Tory often speaks of the times that she attended Michigan games and was seated close to the sideline and, thus, to Bo. Simply put, she enjoyed herself immensely.

Mrs. Peperium

Is she one of those marshmallow tossers?

Mrs. Peperium

For those of you not familiar with the Big 10:


By the way, now everyone is predicting a Michigan win tomorrow. Everyone except me... Bo really was something special and this is a real blow to kids...

Old Dominion Tory

Mrs. Tory informs me that she did not do so. And, speaking of Mrs. Tory, I must run; she would like some white wine and I'm closer to the wine merchant than she is.
Go Blue!

big spaniel

Bo reflected everything good about college athletics and college life. He did not shy away from what was hard. And he (and his players) never, ever disgraced the colors. While Bo Schembeckler himself is irreplacable thankfully there are others still in his mold.

If this is not too much of a stretch, compare and contrast with Vladimir Horowitz, a pianist whose roots go back to Rachmaninoff and Rimsky-Korsikov. While there were many brilliant and gifted Russian pianists after Horowitz, none had the style, flair or spirit of him. When the Bolsheviks took power, that spirit was cut off to future generations and lost forever. Bo Schembeckler's spirit continues to live on, on and off the field, and I pray we never lose it.

Mrs. Peperium

BIG SPANIEL!!!!! I have to go get Mr. P He'll be back after he has his dinner. I love what you wrote about Bo and you're so right of course.

Mr. Peperium

No, Big Spaniel, the parallel is not forced because excellence is excellence no matter what field is under discussion.

Of course you and I never played for Michigan, we just attended games and cheered ourselves hoarse, always staying till the last play, even when the score was so despressingly lopsided that reason and a nippy wind counciled a quick dash to the local liquor bin and then our cozy dorm. I still get that lump in the throat and a temporary dimness of the eyesight when I see our team rush on to the field under the Michigan banner, every player leaping to touch it as he passes underneath. Yeah, Michigan as a school is a stronghold of every intellectual fashion I loathe. Ironic, is it not, that a large part of the funding for those "experiments against reality" (not my own; Roger Kimball's coinage) are the proceeds of what remains essentially a manly, virile and quasi-military game?

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