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November 20, 2006


Card's wife

Now that's what I'm talking about...

Roman Catholic Girls For Cocktails

Shaken or stirred? Who gives a damn?

Mrs. Peperium

Sorry. This is the commanding Commander Bond:


He's got Gary Grant's chin...


Gah! Warning, please.

Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife, tomorrow art class -with video assist- on why Moore is better with his clothes on than off as Commander Bond.... Please be prompt.

Mrs. Peperium

Oh, Misspent, consider that your warning...

Andrew Cusack

How vulgar, I'm telling the DAR. Anyways, we all know this is how one dreses for the beach:



Crazy Magyars. There is a reason they got the shaft in the Empire.

Mitsy Cabot Vanderholt

When exactly does this new James Bond movie come out?

Mrs. Peperium

Mitsy, I hope you'll join us for class.

Card's wife, I've got a meeting this morning. Then class will begin. Are we going out tonight or tomorrow night? I'm in the mood for oysters. Are you?

Mrs. Peperium

Oh, I'm on pie detail this year so going out is no problem. Neither is an oyster too many...

Card's wife

How about O'Dow's?

Today I'm making Quicquid's chocolate pecan pie. Thank you QQ!

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