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November 27, 2006



Sesquicentennimillenial kudos!

Lout...Fiendish Lout

The lowest ranking member of RCBfA will never move up the ladder by listing his ten favorite Bond Girsls while (a) admitting that has not even seen some of the films that he pulling Bond Girls from and (b) not even having Diana Rigg in the top ten. The recent news article on best Bond Girl rankings at least had her at number 3. Maximum Leader even admits that, if Connery had been in it instaed of George Lazenby, On Her Majesty's Secret Service would have ranked as the best or second best Bond film ever. So, where does that leave Dame Rigg? This is all beginning to remind me of Dorothy Parker's horticulture remark.

Roman Catholic Girls For Cocktails

Try these trunks on and let us know how they fit. That means photos boys...


Millicent Goodfellow

Hey, Maxy agrees with me about Melina Havelock. Not bad. She was the Chanel model. George Lazenby was a great Bond. Don't waver against the Seanophiles Fiendish. By the way, this was Connery's best role:



Card's wife

Mrs. P, I don't see James Poulos in the line up. What do you think?

Card's wife

The one with the hat reminds me of Mr. P.

Mrs. Peperium

That might be his arm on the far right hand side.

I think I see Hosni's bacon...

Mrs. Peperium

Reminds you of Mr. P? In your dreams...

Lout...Fiendish Lout

Is that really an arrow on Craig's trunks?

Card's wife

Lout, I was wondering the same thing myself but was afraid to ask. Inquiring minds do need to know...


TML. (Too much linkage.)

Mrs. Peperium

My idea of James Bond with an arrow:


Now, Card's wife, if they have to point it out, then Roger Moore wins the competitions hands down. Or should that be trunks down...


I just want to point out that those kind of trunks are not very comfortable.

Mrs. Peperium

No wonder Roger took his off...


I feel so embarrassed! I don't even remember why I mentioned that. maybe something with Emma Peel or James Bond.

Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, don't be embarassed. It was Bond-related and too many things about Bond that have been said on this blog could be taken out of context. Maybe, with luck old Fleming's oddities with the ladies he dated will be our 175th hit...


Ah, yes. Ian's oddities - which are considered normal and sanctioned OK with the San Fran department of mental hygine and the liberal houses of worship there. I wonder how his wife tolerated him. Barely I hear. They had an unusual relationship. Tragic what happened to thier son.

I could not understand why Fleming had a need to do those things - to women. Bond would never do that.

Mrs. Peperium

I'm actually in the dark about the things he did, with the exception of what has been said here, and to the fate of his son. This is a conversation for the RCBfA officers' mess. Mandingo, you should join up.

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