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December 20, 2006



What wonderful books. Thanks for putting all this together, Mr. & Mrs. P.

Fr. M,
THE POWER AND THE GLORY is, I think, the one book I have not read by Greene. Will have to pick it up. And what do you think of Fr. Amorth's criticism of the new rite of exorcism, in that it is ineffective against the enemy? He continues to use the old rite, but said if the new rite were mandatory, it would be disastrous. Finally, have you read Waugh's bio of Knox?

On your past suggestion, I have begun THE LAST HABSBURG. Gripping read. Hard to put it down.

Mr. P,
I've read Gilbert's histories of WWI and WWII; terrific. He received an honorary degree from Oxford, even though I don't think he has any sort of college degree at all. And I thought Waugh's bio of Campion wonderfully inspiring.

Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

Jolly Good Show!


This may be a record for the longest post in the history of this site. I am glad to finally see it although the crushing deadline of a paper i thought was 20 pages that turns out to be 30 is raining down on me so hard that i cannot give it the time required to read every item.

Andrew Cusack

Fr. M: we must be of like minds. Have you had the pleasure of meeting Guy Stair Sainty? Amusing, intelligent fellow.

James G. Poulos

Are you sure, Misspent, it isn't "no more than" 30 pages? I almost took a long walk out my window last week before realizing the merciful truth. Well done on the list every one, though, and all that with only a lightly compressing deadline.

Fr. M

Mr. and Mrs. P.,
Thank you for undertaking this mamoth, but delightful project. There are many great choices here and I look forward to my January vacation in a warmer climate with my nose in a few of the above listed volumes.

I would like to see Fr. Amorth's empirical data... He is a profoundly holy man but the ritual of the Church, even when it is flawed in translation, is, by it's very source, efficatious.

A close friend gave me a copy of Waugh's biography of Msgr. Knox years ago and I treasure it. You will be moved (it is impossible to'enjoy'it) by Greene's POWER AND THE GLORY. BTW, I love Benson's work and glad you included him.

Mr. Cusack,
Yes, I do believe we are of like minds. I have indeed had the pleasure of meeting great Guy Stair Sainty. He wrote a book some years back on the different Orders of St. John and caught my attention then. He often represents the Venerable Order of St. John at Malta (and other) events. Icing on the cake: He is a convert to Catholicism. A great family man, he has six children and an art gallery and still has time to devote to the important work of heraldry as well as his definitive research on orders of chivalry and merit. True story: I once accidentally knocked the Cardinal Archbishop of Detroit out of the to meet GSS in the sacristy of St. Patrick's Cathedral before a Mass. (I didn't recognize the Cardinal as he was still in his black suit....)

BTW, you can have my copy of "Between Two Flags: The life of Baron Sir Rudolph von Slatin Pasha, GCVO,KCMG,CB" It is at my mother's house and will send it to you at TNC after Christmas with my compliments.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Poulos, advertising people are very deadline oriented otherwise we would never accomplish anything. Mr. P and I are many things, called even more things but, at heart, all we are is just ad guys...


Oh, I forgot - what not to read. The 50 worst book list.


Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, I really enjoy Elizabeth David. I hope that if you do not have her An Omelet and a Glass of Wine, then you have asked for it for Christmas.

Irish Elk, I had the pleasure of working with a very nice man whose father was one of those Gloucester fisherman on the orignial Bluenose. Behind his desk was the most wonderful large reprint (2.5' X4') of his photo of his dad on her deck with the waves crashing over her during the race with whitecaps all around. Amazing.

Labatt's Blue was one of my accounts and one of the perks was a day of sailing on the Bluenose II. What fun that was.

Card's wife

Your husband just left. All I can say is *Oh my gosh...*

Mrs. Peperium

Now you sound like me...

Mrs. Peperium

And Roger Kimball.

Card's wife

I love the orange hearts and the Cardlings love the choc. chip Lutz cookies.


Yes, I have that book by her. Was reading some just the other day. Why did the UK continue rationing after the war? - it seems like they planned for a decline in their national spirit even after victory - like they wanted Socialism, mediocrity, and an end to Empire.

Of course, as with everything, I blame communism and wannabe comminists for the downfall of the West and everything we hold dear -

My wife wants to take me to London though - I think I will love it too much BTW.


Oh my gosh. Thanks Mrs. P!


Fr. M,
Of course, I know nothing of these things. I happened to come across an interview by Fr. Amorth during which he commented rather sharply on the new rite. Among his comments, he said, "Efficacious prayers, prayers that had been in existence for twelve centuries, were suppressed and replaced by new ineffective prayers."

You can read the whole interview here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-religion/1320032/posts

But again, I claim no superior knowledge of such things. It does seem that what the Church approves should be, at bottom, efficacious, as you say.

Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife and Card, my husband just came home and all I can say is *Oh my Gosh...*

Hey, let's keep this up -oysters, dry white bubbly wine and best dresses Saturday night?


Mrs P, these Xmas cookies are fantastic! Cinnamon! Chocolate Chip! Orange Hearts! And Macarooooooooooooooooons! --Perhaps just a twelth cookie won't hurt.

I am looking forward to seeing you and Mr P this Saturday evening for the annual Patum Peperium Oyster, Wine, and Phone Fest.

And now for another Macarooooooon.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Poulos wants us to start calling him...

Card's wife

Bring the number and we'll see if we can fit him in.


oysters, dry white bubbly wine

...and if there are left over oysters - which I doubt, an oyster stew or oyster pan roast ala the Grand Central Oyster Bar of old or Gage and Tollner in olde Brooklyn can be made.


Andrew Cusack

Lovely meal at the Union Club tonight. Much much food, much drink, and just the lads retreating to the lady-free bar for a port whilst they were fetching their coats. Splendid portrait of General Lee, as well. Afraid I am about to explode...

James G. Poulos

There's nothing like laying flat on the grass about fifty yards up from Lee Chapel in a hot July thunderstorm, waiting for Traveler's ghost to trot past. Who do I want to be called? Macarooooon?


Well, I'm not finishing my paper before the holidays even though I have 20 pages already--got an extension due to uncontrollable circumstances--so I can really appreciate the list now. I think POPS would enjoy many of the books on the list since he really likes history books.

Also, we had a nice Misspent family dinner at MCC tonight.

Robert the Llama Butcher

After a tad too much gunner's punch at the Lee-Jackson Birthday Black Tie one year, I thought I saw Traveler's ghost. Indeed, it chased me half way to the old Liberty Hall ruins.

It was only on closer inspection that I realized it wasn't Traveler after all, but a Mary Baldwin chick.

You can understand the confusion.


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