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December 11, 2006



May I change my pick to Jimmy Carter, worst president of the 20th century, worst ex-president of the 21st?

Andrew Cusack

FDR would be my choice for worst president of the 20th century. Carter and G.W.B. would be tied for second.

Mrs. Peperium

Sure Irish Elk.
G.W.B. and Carter are equivalent? Carter who finds so much to admire in North Korea and Bush who called it the axis of evil? Where exactly does Harding place or Bill Clinton who kicked the can down the road on terrorism when he wasn't supping with terrorists in the White House? (Gerry Adams)


Kim Jung (mentally) Il

The Syrian president

The Iranian Alan Alda look alike pres

Fidel Castro

his bro, Raul

oh, and Ted Turner


I'm going to have to go with Frances Kissling, pres of Catholics for a Free Choice. BTW, do they actually have to die, or can they just be unceremoniously removed from their position or something like that?


Now I'm curious as to Andrew's choice for best president of the 20th century. Calvin Coolidge?

Fr. M

Christine took my top pick so I will go for:
1. Kate Michelman-Murderess
2.Cecile Richards-Planned Parenthood, ditto above
3. The third I won't mention since she is a possible White House contender.


Oh, so much to choose from. It's like being a kid in a candy store!

I have to go with that old sentimental favorite Jimmy Carter. After all, he's really making a great run at becoming an even bigger ass as an ex-president than he was as president. (But I'm not really sure even he can pull that one off. I mean, it's a pretty tall order.)

You can certainly tell when Andrew was born. Obviously, he's never heard of Lyndon Johnson -- vulgar and crooked as well as being an ass.

Christine: I think Patricia Ireland, former NOW prez, is deserving of recognition as well.


Wow! So many abortion rights practitioners - there is a pattern here.


I hope this does not become another double posting by me(I am having some computer woes). My selection for the ghoul list is Sudan's sixty two year old leader, Field Marshal Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir.
In hounor of Pres. Wilson's 1917 rejection of Pope Benedict XV's peace plan, Woodrow Wilson gets my nod for worst US president in the recently-concluded century. Bill Clinton gets honorable mention.

Mrs. Peperium




What happened to the Ford post. Why is everything italicized. Ahhh. I don't know whose name to throw into the pool. A lot of the good ones are taken.

Hosni Mubarak.


I blame Wilson for screwing up Europe and FDR for forcing Britain to give up her Empire too soon. Of all the greatest tragedies in history, the abandonment of the colonies by the West is one of the greatest. no one has come out of it better for it except for aid bureaucrats and NGO, which I largely hate. If you had to read the literature hailing these as the glorious harbingers of the post-sovereignty world you would puke. It is not for nothing that I argue for neocolonialism. The neat thing is that it doesn't get nearly the negative reactions I expect/hope it to get. Just think how self-assured and confident the west would have to be to take on such an un-PC task. Alas, this is why it will never happen. Sad.


Luciano Pavarotti. Add him to my list.


Who is that dude at the Ivy legaue Peter Singer I think that hates humans and is for post natal abortions?


My grandfather was a colonel in the French army when they occupied Viet Nam. He married my Vietnamese grandmother, who gave birth to my mother, who gave birth to me. As a mix of both colonizer and colonized races, I'm going to have to agree with you. Viet Nam was far better off (and happier) under French occupation than it is under Communist rule (now there's a profundity).

Peter Singer believes in parents' right to kill newborns up to 28 days old. His theory, in a nutshell, is that the less sentient and developed the human being, the less life-worthy (of course, this does not apply to furry animals, which must be saved at all costs).

Fr. M,
I heard Kate Michelman's story on National People's Radio once. She recounted her pre-Roe days, when, on application for an abortion, she had to sit in front of a panel of doctors (all MALE, horrors) and answer embarrassing questions before they could approve of her abortion. Oh, the pain and humiliation of the poor girl, when all she wanted to do was dismember her pre-born children alive!

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us.

The Maximum Leader

I'm still sticking with Robert Mugabe.

Although my second choice would be Fidel Castro. Can you pick Fidel? He might already be dead... He certainly is on the last leg if he hasn't already been ushered out.

One more thing... Was Pinochet actually ghoulish? I would argue that while he was a dictator, he did plant the seeds that sprouted into a successful and democratic Chile. Didn't Richard Nixon make this argument in one of his books? The argument goes that a "right-wing" dictator (engaged with the United States) would eventually move towards democracy and a market driven economy; but a Communist dictator would never reform? I can't remember if that was Nixon or Kissinger who wrote that...


Kirkpatrick, mentioned in the WaPo today and on the Corner.

Mrs. Peperium

I knew someone would take issue with this and I'm glad they did. Thank you Maxy. Pinochet was a dictator who did learn to change with the times. He even went as far to lose and election, let his opponent assume office and not hold the country hostage to a recount like our Democrats do, but I digress.

The fellow running Pakistan is probably the Pinochet of our time. He was once playing on the other team but after 9/11, he realised it would be better for him personally and, by extension, his country if he joined our team. He has been very helpful to our cause in the middle east but I suspect he has a better idea where UbL is then he lets on. But in him, our diplomats see an ally in a very crucial area like earlier diplomats saw in Pinochet. I'm not a diplomat but I believe this sort of personal-political transformation of Pinochet and the guy in Pakistan falls under realpolitik. I can admire certain aspects of realpolitik and say realpolitik does work almost every time its tried but Pinochet still mussed people up and offed quite a few of them so he's still a ghoul in my eyes...

Saddam was once like this except he turned on us and so we turned our guns on him....

Mrs. Peperium

Christine, Kate was standing before that board of men to argue for the right to off her third child. A novelist, like the fellow who wrote the Scarlet Letter, could do a bang up book saying that all Kate's efforts to keep abortion alive since her own abortion have been an attempt to convince her and her offspring she did the right thing...

Mrs. Peperium

For fun, let's assume Castro is dead. Then if he is alive we can say he's assumed zombie-status....


With genuine Zombie Grip.

The Maximum Leader

Thanks Misspent. It was Jeanne Kirkpatrick. I think I have a copy of that op-ed piece laying about somewhere...

Also... Zombie grip... That cracks me up. Although I don't know that Castro has been able to have anyone perform his every desire for a while now...

Fr. M.

Oh, and how can we forget Hugo Chavez...


Talk about Ghouls

The faces of evil


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