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December 31, 2006



And to think that in New York State prior to 1973 the doctors and organizations that were pushing for legalized abortion actually fluffed the stats to make it look like all these illegal unsafe back alley abortions where committed...

And to think that the Episcopal Church along with the Playboy Foundation were some of the prime mover and shakers of getting Roe vs. Wade out there...

And to think that Planned Parent Hood and NARAL Pro Choice all have clergy on their boards of directors...

And to think that abortion is not only protected by legal US laws, (which can be fought as a constitutional right) but is also militantly and obnoxiously enforced and supported by celebrities, billionaires, and the DNC in such a zealous manner that it resembles the fanaticism exhibited by many radical Muslim jihadists.

Do you know the story of Pandora's Box? All chaos came after the box was opened. 1973 was the year of our Pandora's Box.


Interestingly enough, the U.S. has the most lax abortion laws in the worl. In England, e.g., abortions are illegal after 24 weeks. Illegal.


That should be "world", obviously.


The insidiousness of the party of death knows no denomination, but is all the more pernicious in those that have no yet sacrificed their faith to their own self-righteousness. They may be people who call themselves Catholic who are for abortion, but to wrap themselves in the moniker "Catholics for Free Choice" subordinates their Church to their worldly idol as if Catholicism were somehow supportive of and driving their mission. They are abortionists who are attempting to weaken the moral authority of the Christian faith such that it no longer challenges their political ideology.

Ich wünsche Ihnen ein glückliches Neujahr!


Well, 2007 has arrived. I can still hear the explosions, which reach my end of Manhattan. Ms. Kissling expects a good new year, with the changes in Washington.
"Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho,
We are not now that strength which in the old days
Moved earth and heaven: that which we are, we are..."


Why haven't you crossed the glorious Tiber?

Dan Patterson

The changes in Washington, noted by Ms. Kissling, do not stir my soul to song. "That which we are" may be the trouble because the commonly understood foundations of belief that once provided optimism have eroded. Simple ideas such as life is God-given and precious, that liberty is the natural state of social order and tyranny a defective mutation.

Those ideas defy changes in politics and church organizational charts, but they are subject to waxing and waning in the popular press and public opinion. The popularity of poor decisions and bad judgements does not make either a good thing. A newly minted concept is that of concensus over debate (note by Bill Bennett among others) and by that count the new minds are winning. Using that logic there is no moral right and wrong, only an agreement that we can disagree.

Well then let's just disagree shall we. I for one, disagree with the present popular opinions regarding the protection of innocent life, and of the protection of liberty from tyrants. Here is to a new year ordered by reason and logic, and guided by the moral principles that founded the United States of America.

Dan Patterson
Arrogant Infidel

Mrs. Peperium



Although I struggle with my faith and the belief in God, what always brings me back home or back to God and Jesus - the baby Jesus, is when I think about the horror of abortion and the crimes committed on the un-born. I stray, but when I see the evil of ms.Kissling my faith in God grows stronger. In other words, I don't want to belong to the abortionists and the hate - I want to live in light and the sight and sound of innocent babes with smiles, running about the house.

The face of evil - right up there with Nazi butchers and the Pol Pots.


Here is another ugly picture of evil - children please take note - she smiles, don't let that fool you - thats called sadism. Also, note the bad ethnic primitive art disguised as a religious statue. I can smell the sulfur already!



From Wikipedia. See what I mean about "Playboy".

"According to its first president, CFFC was not supported by many Catholics and the organisation is kept alive by financial support from the non-Catholic mainstream pro-choice movements and financial supporters, such as Playboy;[21] The organization's activities are thus seen by many of its conservative Catholic critics as a form of camoflague."

[21^ The Ford Foundation's Proxy War with the Roman Catholic Church, by Joseph D'Hippolito O'Rourke: "CFFC really was just kept alive for years because the mainline pro-choice movement wanted a Catholic vote."

Andrew Cusack

"Here is to a new year ordered by reason and logic, and guided by the moral principles that founded the United States of America."

Cringe! Hope not. The very trouble is that the United States are currently being run according to the very principles that founded the United States. Whiggery, Jacobinism, revolutionary thought, liberalism, modernism, whatever name you call it. Break it down to its first principle: rebellion. That of a fallen angel and a serpent and the sin of Eve.

I hope that, instead of looking to the founding principles of the United States, we will instead look to the principles of Western civilization, which is to say Christian civilization, rather than to continue our worship at the altar of liberal democratic capitalism.

Fr. M.

I am glad to see that the Paperii have risen from their sickbeds and that they have done so with vigor.

Hopefully, the day will come, sooner rather than later, when Christine will be able to claim her goul pool prize as Kissling will face the dreadful day of judgement. Perhaps this occurance will come as a great surprise to her as she is more an "athiest for a free choice" more than anything else. After answering for the slaughter of the innocents she will surely have to explain how she strove to use the name of the Church so perversely and innacurately.


Why haven't I crossed the Rubicon? Well, I'm Lutheran and while I have some respect for Rome, I am still just enough of a Whig, Jacobin, liberal modern revolutionary to keep me firmly and gladly in the Prot camp. While I may call myself a conservative, I am an American conservative--not as Card and others would have it--which means, amittedly, not very much of one in the great scheme of things. I'm a raging fascist according to my colleagues, who have very little understanding of what that means no matter how many times I try to explain it to them.

There are still some of us who try their best as you do. We're not all bad, and I am proud to say my church has been as strong on issues of Life and other "topical" "controversies" as the Catholic Church has been.

To let you in on a secret, if I were to make a jump, which I see little chance of or reason for, it would be, and this is totally fadish of me to say I know, it would be Orthodox. A friend's brother is an Orthodox-convert priest with his great big beard and all (although my friend remains a Catholic-convert, especially after marrying an Irishwoman).

Mrs. Peperium

The East does have better hats:


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