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December 15, 2006



Speaking of churches you can kill. Have you seen the latest advertisement for the UMC? It is just too much. I mean, if I were to make a stereotypical advertisement that just captured everything that is wrong with the direction of mainline churches in America it would be this. Check out the shot at the end, find the group that isn't included.


This means that there was actually a meeting in which the discussion revolved around just how many different groups needed to be included. Is this still 1978? I wonder if there were any groups that were excluded?

I think you can come up with your answer.


Sorry to disrupt the crickets.

Mr. Peperium

The UMC needs to fork over the cash for real ad people who can better disquise their gluttony for PC and arrested=development level of reasoning skills. If you think about it, the ad's meesage treats viewers like they're stupid children. "See we accept old ladies, Asians, African Americans and handicapped persons. We're a nice church and won't tell you anything you don't want to hear... "

As for crickets, they're impossible to kill too... Fortunately, I love their chirpy ways.

Mr. Peperium

Just to set the record straight, the last comment came from the gentle fingertips of the lovely Mrs. P, not the work-hardened, stumpy peasant digits of Mr. P.

I do, however, fully agree with her analysis of the ad in question. It reminds me of something Joseph Sobran once said about some people trying to be "nicer than God".

Fr. M.

Crickets? That was the silence of all of us doing our Advent meditations over a snifter of Benedictine. After all, you can't drink while you pray, but you can pray while you drink...

Fr. M.

By the way, it took no less than five book stores, but I was finally able to obtain a copy today of TNC. I think it must be easier to buy drugs in suburban NoVa than to find a copy of the Peperium publication of choice.


Having been a subscriber for a number of years I don't make a habit to go looking for it in bookstores, nor do I make a habit of going to bookstores, period, but when I do go, I look for particular magazines, of which TNC is one. The last few times I have been in there (which, admittedly, hasn't been since June) the Borders at Pentagon City had TNC. I cannot comment on the comparison to drugs.

Fr. M.

Thank you, Misspent, that is very helpful to know.

Mrs. Peperium

Over 228 Christmas cookies cooling. Dough for 120 more firming up. Sleep...I need sleep....

Old Dominion Tory

Have you seen the UMC ad in which the young Latin lad flies a red kite up quite high? When he retrieves the kite, he finds attached to it what I take to be a note from God. I'm still trying to figure out what that ad means.
Which brings me to the odd phenomenon that we have encoutered here in the Valley of Virginia, what Mrs. Tory calls "Church shopping." Newcomers to the area will visit various churches in town or the county (there are 70 here in our county) to include ones that are not in their particular denomination. One lady--nominally Protestant--told Mrs. Tory that the family had attended Mass to see if St. Patrick's would be "a good fit."

Andrew Cusack

As per usual, the real sign of the best in the trade is that they don't have to advertise and everyone knows they're the real deal. Hmmm... which church would that be?



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