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December 27, 2006



Everyone seems to be sick - coughing and under the weather -Buckley's cough medicine tastes terrible! I hope you all get well soon.
Let me entertain you with what is on the menu tonight at Mandingo's that I am cooking now:
Chicken au vin blanc (really vermouth) with mushrooms
and braised fennel with beer - just making it up as I go along

and for new years (Mrs P inspired me a few posts back)

sausage en croute (sp?)
also being made up as I go along - Wellington style of course.

Feel better all!

Is that true James Brown was a Republican?


Let us hope your illness is as mysterious as mine was and just up and disappears. Seriously, I have never experienced anything like my cold. It just up and vanished this morning with no lingering congestion. Nose and sinuses are clearer than when I am healthy.

I am a corpus christi cross.

Re: Brown. I gather he was a Humphrey man in 68 but played for Nixon's inauguration. I had heard in the past that he was something of a Republican, but quite frankly, it is more likely that he was just not a Democrat. He was such a strange and bizarre man that I wouldn't put any stock in his political affiliation both because I'm not sure one could pigeon-hole him and I'm not sure one would want to claim him. I never got the whole James Brown thing, anyway.


I never got the whole James Brown thing too - except when Eddie Murphy did him in the classic Saturday night Live skit titled "James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub"


Cheap laughs.

The media has always over rated mediocre, criminal or unsavory folk .

Mrs. Peperium

I have a James Brown story with him at the Helmsley hotel about 2 years before he got sent to The Big House. When my mind has the energy, I'll attempt to tell it -if it's humorous enough.

Mandingo, what kind of cross are you? I'm guessing Maltese.

Andrew Cusack

What none of you seem to know is that James Brown was actually my Latin teacher. He was caught by the Law with a girl of unsuitable youth, and the judge said he could either have a hanging or become a Latin teacher. He chose death, but the judge sentenced him to become a Latin teacher just to spite him. And that's how Dr. Nathaniel Eleazar Kernell of the Thornton-Donovan School came into being.

Mrs. Peperium

James was caught by the law when his wife decked the girl after returning from shopping to discovering them au naturel and more in HER SUITE at the Helmsley Hotel. This would have been in 1985-ish and one of my friends was staying there on business. She watched the whole thing from her suite's peephole across the hall. Loads of screaming but not once did any of them utter, "I feel good..." His wife decked James too and he decked her back so they were are all hauled off, wearing furs of many colors (James too) to headquarters, including the girl because she had also thrown punches...

You would have been perhaps 3 at the time? Plenty of time for James to learn Latin in time to be your teacher. Did he teach you how to dance as well?


Mrs. P:

I thought too that I would be a Maltese cross - I don't know why but I have always identified with that cross - maybe it was some long lost association with the Mediterranean, British colonial Maltese stamps, the sea, and who knows, some Crusader dna coursing through my viens from a thousand years ago? My love of oranges in cooking - In French cooking anything savory with orange is called ala Maltese - and I have a shrimp recipe I invented with orange juice that is outathis world. But what came up was something I would never expect - a Celtic Irish cross. My Irish Americans school-mates did not like me when I was in Catholic school in Forest Hills, NYC - I was bullied ala Flashman with skirmishes even into my college years with the same ones. But I guess since my blood is Asturian and Canarian and my ancestors also played the bag-pipes I must have something Celtic Iberian in there. Check this out. My great grandfather came from Asturias before he came to the New World.

How did you Mrs. P intuit my love for the Maltese cross?

Mrs. Peperium

The Siege, Day 7...

The wind is calm, the weather awful, supplies holding up - particularly the codeine- the citizenry, due to the distraction of new toys have yet to realize the King and Queen's withdrawal from courtly activites. Perhaps, if fortune is shining and decongestants, eyedrops and copious amounts of reading actually do benefit the soul, the virus will realize the fix is in, and all will be well once again in the kingdom by the New Year. If not, oh well, it was nice while it lasted...

As for why the Maltese Cross, your open righteous anger at Castro and all his little wizards in the liberal elite establishment, combined with your fondness for Elizabeth David and James Bond.

Old Dominion Tory

Apparently, it's the Celtic Cross for me as well. I suppose what tipped was that my choice of favorite retreat location: a castle.

Old Dominion Tory

My apologies for the garbled post.


San Damiano Cross for me, even though I didn't choose St. Francis to pray for me. Sorry the Peperium Clan is ill; my kids and I have also come down with something.

Fr. M.

I got the San Damiano Cross as well and I am not particulary Franciscan. What sets this Cross apart is that Our Lord actually spoke from it...

Mrs. Peperium

Christine, I hope everyone is feeling better. It's very tough on Mom and Dad when tiny ones become ill as it can be very frightening. I can recall Mr. P and I together bathing a 10 month-old Little Bertie at 4am in the kitchen sink to bring a 104+ degree fever down because nothing else would and he had already been to the hospital once that night. The doctors had instructed only to bring him back if all our attempts to cool him down to 103.5 failed. He was full of Tylenol and so bathing him was the final option. Thankfully, it did work.

In the old days they used to put the babies in snowbanks. That night I saw the wisdom in that practice. I might have even tried it if there had been snow on the ground...


San Damiano here, wishing all at the Peperium manse a happy New Year (perhaps rung in with a James Brown medley via Lester Lanin). Cheers!


Mrs. P,
Sounds terrifying. Poor little Bertie, he must have been wailing through it all. Fortunately, my 5-month-old doesn't have a fever above 99 degrees, and Marie is pretty well over her sickness.

Fr. M,
I'm honored to share the same Cross with you. When I first converted, I looked into becoming a Third Order Franciscan, but later came to realize I'm much more of a Carmelite.

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