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January 13, 2007



I could never figure out the fuss about Brooks as I can't figure out what the fuss is about Betty Page. Both feminist icons, surely overrated - but why?

Men are strange creatures. When I was in grammar school in the 1970s all the boys (except me) had posters of bathing suit clad Farrah Fawcet Majors - I did not find her appealing, plus I was like 11.

Father M:
If you are reading, I found something on FreeRepublic.com that moved me:

"Christ is Risen, and you, o death, are annihilated!"

Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

Quite insightful my dear Mrs. P...But if you will again look at the Louise Brooks 'art' you will notice that she is not wearing Wal-Mart, she is wearing nothing...Something which is not sold at Wal-Mart I do believe...Although you have caught me slumming from time-to-time, my slums do not include Wal-Mart...Please have your dressmaker run up something nice as we will have luncheon with the Arch Bishop, and he, I am sure, does not shop at Wal-Mart...I can see now that this visit will indeed 'shock my monkey'...By the way, my driver has instructions to forbid any polyester from entering the car, you've been warned...

Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, you did not get banned--hooray!

Wng Cdr, the Card's wife and I will stick to Plan A as far as outfits. We had no luck at Walmart as they lack dressing rooms. Who knew?

I am looking forward to meeting your Archbish as he is one of us. How good is he with a blunderbuss? Will we get to learn?

For our sake's and our virtue's sake. please keep your monkey at home...or hand it off to your driver. Until Tuesday at 10:18 am, your time...


Mrs. P:

Was I to be banned?

Banned by you (I hope not) or Typeface? I know I like to have a laugh at times (ala Benjamin Hill) but it's all in good fun and I know this is a family site. You know I like to post - when it is appropriate to the conversation links to pictures of Honey Rider and Mrs. Peel.

I read this other Typeface blog and they cruse a lot on that one and TF never bans them.

But they curse, like for a good cause.

What about Talbots for clothes, or is that too stuffy?

Fr. M.

That statement reminds me of the Melkite Catholic Easter chant:

Christ is Risen from the dead,
from death He conquored death
and to those in the grave
He granted life.



Melkite Catholic

Fr. P.M.

Mrs. P.,
Lunch with Archbishop "Sugar" Ray Burke? Better bring your Mantillas!

Whilst the good Archbishop does not shop at Wal-Mart he could jack up that Cappa Magna with some fur-- Ermine or... even miniver. Hmmm. Anyone got any spare rabbit fur?

Fr. M.

Sorry, Mandingo, I misspelled "Melchite."


What about those who still think that you are actually a figment of Mr. P's imagination?

Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

Who are you calling a 'figment'?

Jeffrey Smith

It's odd. I read all of the obsessing and checked the post on Man About Mayfair and I still don't have the slightest idea who Louise Brooks is. Judging by the picture, I'm better off. Please don't tell me.

Mrs. Peperium

Good morning everyone.

Mandingo, my parents' hometown is the home of Talbot's. It was originally a dress shop in a grey clapboard building with, large white-paned windows, and a fire engine red door. My mother and grandmother used to be outfitted by Mr. and Mrs. Talbot -- who were a very gracious couple. Then, years later when I was one of Boston's best-dressed art director's, Talbot's was briefly one of my accounts. The late '80's to mid-nineties was a dreadful time for finding things there as they had sold Talbot's to the Japanese and the buyers the Japanese employed did not 'get' Talbot's. Talbot's has since rejoined the active lists and that is where my raspberry tweed originated from. Raspberry tweed just screams Talbot's from the pre-Japanese days.

Misspent, my mystique suffered a mortal blow when Fiendish and Mr. Cusack came out to Connecticut and had dinner at the beach with not only me, Mr. P, and the children, but, my mother, my best friend, her husband and child. There are very few things they could not tell you about me or my family.

So realizing the jig is up with me and my much-protected mystique, it's time to blow Basil's wide open. I want to see just how much padding his the shoulders of his jackets require. Or being from Detroit, I'm quite keen to see if the man employs white walls... Surely his automobile must be British-made but is it really British? Is there anything you would like to learn about the fellow that first brought you to my attention? The Card's wife is a marvel at getting information from people.

Father M., I would be very pleased, as well as honored, to meet the Archbishop. But surely Basil much be jesting. The Archbishop is much too busy to meet two middle aged, but still youthful, Michigan Catholic housewives that read The New Criterion who have flown into his city for lunch. We will have scarves with us just in case we are required to cover our heads. I would like to see a church or two if there is time.

Mr. Smith, welcome. For those of you not aware, Mr. Smith blogs over at The Roving Medieavelist. As for not knowing Louise Brooks, you haven't missed much. She was a silent screen star with much promise as the silent screen was a perfect venue for the drama queen --strike a pose, pout, bat eyelashes, and all that. However, she was very self-destructive and hard to work with. She was in arguments with the Studio Heads all the time. When she flitted off to Paris on a jaunt with whatever boy she was toying with, the Studio Heads closed the door, locked, and bolted it behind her permenantly. As Louise's looks held out for another decade or two, she made the rounds of European films (with much lower standards as far as pink bits, and European men, with much lower standards too. Then she came back here and like that Hilter -babe, Leni R,. took up with decades-younger men who suffered from silent screen fixations. The Hitler-babe took up with young guys with Arian-fixations eventhough Leni was a brunette with brown eyes. Louise's life was kind of like Sunset Boulevard but with no money or even pet monkey. She became a total degenerate and died in upper state NY saying she was a victim of the Studio's obsessive puritanicalism --is that a word?


"...she made the rounds of European films (with much lower standards as far as pink bits, and European men, with much lower standards too. Then she came back here and like that Hilter -babe, Leni R,. took up with decades-younger men...She became a total degenerate..."

Poor Louise Brooks, I hope God has forgiven her - Europe will do that to a person, yet there are folk here in the blue states, who went to see Algore's film, that think that everything from Europe, especially France, is somehow better or more progressive than us Americans. I have a saying:

Just because it's in black in white it don't mean it's art - the same as, just because it's foreign doesn't mean that it's good somehow.

I remember when I was in "art" school in the mid 80's and the "Louise Brooks" was the "in" hairstyle for certain girls...sadly I know one of them who was on her way - real fast, to become a fallen woman. She also faked that she was from a wasp preppy family, when in fact she was from a working class one in Long Island-not that there is anything wrong with that.

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