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January 15, 2007


Wg Cdr Sir Basil Seal, KG GCB GBE MC JP

Never worry Mrs. P...Him is very happy to host you and the Card's Wife tomorrow...Although I am sure St. Louis will never be the same...


I'm not so sure that Swift would have liked having his name linked - literally - with a Catholic website!


WHOA! I want to know more about this link from Playboy.

Old Dominion Tory

Mrs. Peperium:
Good thoughts on the oyster. Being from Cape Cod, I assert that the Billingsgate variety (from Wellfleet) is the best.
In an earlier post, you mentioned an oyster pan roast from a famous NYC restaurant. Do you have the recipe? And, if so, would you please post it? Many thanks.
I hope you and the Card's wife have a safe journey and enjoyable time in Saint Louis (a marvelous French name). Bon voyage!

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