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January 14, 2007



Ah, what I would do for those times of yesteryear when men could run around in women's robes and shout "am so gay!" and no one ever thought anything wrong.

Mrs. Peperium

A-hem. I just wanted to congratulate everyone who visits and comments at Patum Peperium. Today we caught the eye of Big Media. Not only did we catch their eye, they gave us a link so big that it threatened to shut down our bandwith. I am speaking in the past terms because when I saw who it was who we had caught the eye of, I was forced to delete them:


I'm going to go be sick now. Goodnight.

Mrs. Peperium

This is what they linked to though I honestly do not understand why. Louise Brooks yes --this one no :



Mrs. P:

You were linked - I don't know why - because in the article regarding Kissiling - I noted how it is a well known fact that the Playboy Foundation worked with Catholics for a Free Choice and other liberal church groups amongst others to make abortion legal.

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