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February 12, 2007



Re your Guinness recipe, the operative word would appear to be: Brilliant!

Old Dominion Tory

Stunning, indeed. I might drop the French recipe in favor of this one for the forthcoming weekend.

Mrs. Peperium

I got the idea to do this to an English roast from an Irishman from Sandwich, MA no less...

Old Dominion Tory

Ah, the old sod. Well, that proves the recipe's bona fides, doesn't it?

The Maximum Leader

Mrs. Villain promised to prepare this for me tomorrow night. I positively tingle in anticipation.

Professor Chaos

Irish cuisine -- an oxymoron if I ever heard one ...

Mrs. Peperium

Really? That's a shame. You're missing out on some truly delightful repasts.

Old Dominion Tory

I second Mrs. Peperium's thoughts regarding Irish cuisine. From pub food to higher cuisine, it is quite satisfying. Moreover, the full Irish breakfast is a marvelous way to start any day, especially if you get the ball rolling with a Black Velvet or three.

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