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February 09, 2007



Of Father Odo and 17 carnations: a fascinating read:

Mrs. Peperium

Elky, I like the cut of your jib. There is much to discuss here but I am off bowling... Yes, bowling. Don't ask...

When I return, I will be in serious need of a whiskey and soda bracer. The Card's wife is in serious need of cheering up so until 3:30...

Card's wife

Elky, we love it when you take Basil out to the woodshed. BTW, was that groundhog art you put up the other day?

Old Dominion Tory

I doubt that, if pressed, the House of Windsor would find much good to say about Edward VIII, perhaps except that he had the good sense to abdicate rather than put the Empire through a trial of adjusting to Mrs. Simpson. They apparently are willing to tolerate the perpetuation of the mythology of "The Woman I Love" just as they grimly hung on during the collective mawkishness associated with the death of Diana. All for the good of "The Firm," you see.
Happily for the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the Empire, George VI married well, possessed a strong sense of duty and fair play, and enjoyed family life.
As much as I respect the British Crown--truly, if the monarchy did not exist, it would have to be invented--episodes in its history such as Edward VIII's shambolic romantic and political life and the nigh farcical events related to the death and funeral of Diana make me happy that the United States is "the Great Republic."

Fr. M

Mrs. P.,
Huzzah! I don't know what brought this on, all of a sudden, but I am glad you wrote it. In his shallow demeanor and utter lack of any sense of duty 'the Edward formerly known as Prince' became the unofficial patron saint of the 1960's in that, 'what feels good,' becomes more important than responsibility and the only true religion for Wallis and Edward was the cult of self. I am grateful that they did not reproduce-- God's little way of cleaning up the gene pool...


No groundhogs here, but pugs:

And a Bahamian valet:

Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife, I have returned. But I am going out again. It was awful and the implications of what transpired at the alley are too enormous to contemplate on a single whiskey and soda. I will require a double. What are the proportions?

Bowling pins are much larger in the Midwest. They are, to not put a fine point on it, positively giagantic. Plus, the bowling balls are huge. You could kill someone with one of them. And with 3 holes in them?

Card's wife

What was your score?

Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife, I have returned. As Count Dracula was fond of saying, "I am in for the evening, my dear. So let us break out the bubbly."

Father M., regarding:

"Huzzah! I don't know what brought this on, all of a sudden"

I am polishing up my cocktail and table banter for the New York Sons of the Revolution ball. I will be using that gene pool comment if you don't mind...Thanks!

Old Dominion, I'll be borrowing much of yours as well. Thanks! You fellas will have me sounding so witty....

Elky, all those pugs are boys. Should we read between the parts?

Card's wife, as to my score...this is the dreadful part. Really dreadful. I haven't bowled since high school. I told the gathered mothers this and they said they go bowling all the time with their kids. We had one lane for the boys and one for the moms. On my first toss, I got a gutter ball but then an 8. Second toss a gutter ball and then a 3. Third toss...a strike. Fourth toss...a spare. Fifth toss...another spare...Sixth toss..another strike...Then, the mothers collectively decided they no longer wanted to bowl but I could continue playing alone if I wanted to...girls never change do they?

Anyway, I think this success --though success knee-capped by my fellow players-- somehow officially makes me a Midwesterner... Maybe I should try playing pool.

Card's wife

I hope you used that new bowling ball carrier on wheels that Mr. P got you for Christmas.

Mrs. Peperium

For what?

Card's wife

Bar cart?

Card's wife

Fiendish, are you there?

Mrs. Peperium

I could use a bar cart right now. It's not proper to drink without your husband at home.

Card's wife

Since when?

Mrs. Peperium

Since I became Catholic.

Fr. M.

Mrs. P.,
I can't think of anyone who is more equipped for cocktail and table banter than the P.'s and C.'s. Words from the rest of us are simply coals to Newcastle...


Mrs P, is that you in this ad for Pabst Blue Ribbon?


It's all that practice with candlepins, you see. Afterward, how can you ever miss at Big Ball bowling?

I am sure Connie Schwoegler welcomes you as an official Midwesterner.


Here's to mellow moments -- smooth and mellow.

Mrs. Peperium

Oh, I see. Big ball bowling is the same idea as those Big Bertha golf clubs that are all the rage among the cheaters on the golf courses.

Thank you Father M.


Mrs P, I think that was Douglas MacArthur who said "I will return," and subsequently, "I have returned." Though, perhaps, he had Count Dracula with him.


"..the next time you decide to submit a love story about one of your woolly-headed heirs to the throne for our consideration, do try to make sure that it is a believable love story."

LOL, Mrs. P, that's very true! Have you seen the stories of the "3-decades-long faithful romance" they've been putting out? As if Charles had no other mistresses before AND during his marriage!

Old Dominion Tory

To further sharpen your wits regarding the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, er, um, Windsor, please give "The Madness of King George" a viewing.

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