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February 27, 2007


mario mandingo

Found this in a blog:

Episcopalian-ism today combines the liturgical beauty and ritual of Catholicism, with the openness of Protestantism -- not just single men are welcome as priests, and all are invited to holy communion. Wine, not grape juice, is served. Indeed, it's not unusual at after-worship gatherings to find alcohol served -- something that would never occur at a Southern Baptist gathering. There's a joke in the Episcopal Church that "where-ever two or more are gathered, there's usually a fifth."

Robert the Llama Butcher

My Dear Mrs. P,

I doubt very seriously whether you'll find anybody to take that bet. We're headed for schism in one form or another.

However, I don't think it's going to be a clean break. Even the uber-liberals want to maintain ties with the Communion (as made clear in the Dean's comments). My best guess right now is that in order to maintain some semblance of cohesion, the ECUSA is going to get demoted to some kind of "associate," non-Covenant status.

What will become of us conservatives still trying to hang on is less clear. Certainly the recent Primates' communique makes provision for alternative oversight, but as Her High Priestessness would take a commanding hand in its implementation, I'm not really sure what that alternative will be worth. (Well, yes I am. It'll be worth bupkiss.)

Might there arise an independant Anglican Church of America? Might Rome swoop in and pick off some of us shepherdless folk? Might we all just give up and go join the Bible-thumper Mega-Church down the street?

That's going to be the interesting part.

Mrs. Peperium

Robbo, you are only making my point. There are so many options available to us of the sporting nature. We can handicap them and even get a syndicate going. There's the real chance of happy cabbage to be made.

Mario, unfortunately what you have found has much truth in it and it should not be considered a good thing. One of the stated requirements of a bishop is that he not be a drunk. But the Episcopal Church has overlooked that one since the 50's...

The requirement of one wife being overlooked is a more recent development - only being in the last decade or so....

Robbo the Llama Butcher

Rayther a variation on the Bertie & Jeeves story "The Great Sermon Handicap," isn't it?

Mrs. Peperium

Yes, I'll be Eustace. You can be Claude. Father M. can be Steggles. We'll need a Bertie, a Bingo and a Jeeves:


Old Dominion Tory

Door Number Two! Door Number Two!
However, if you're not yet ready to swim the Tiber, then I suggest you visit St. Andrew and St. Margaret of Scotland, the Anglican Catholic Church's parish in Alexandria. It is a very pleasant church with a nifty congregation, the 1928 Prayer Book, and the 1940 Hymnal. Here is the website: http://www.standrewandstmargaret.org/
Two! Two! Door Number Two!

Mrs. Peperium

Robbo, if you do decide to swim the Tiber, then when the Church gives you the paper to fill out -- the question marked "Which priest led you to the Catholic Church?" -- could you put down Father M? The Vatican will give him frequent flyer miles. I think our priest got about 12,000 because we were an entire family.

Little Gidding

The holiest and humblest man I ever met, I think, was an Anglican priest from Tanzania who came to the U.S. to try to get a Master's degree from Episcopal Seminary in Alexandria. He needed it to continue teaching back home. After one year, with pretty good grades in his classes, he was informed he would not be allowed to continue and would have to leave the school because he had voiced his concern in class over the homosexual lifestyle of so many of the students. Sic semper heterosexualis.

Fr. M

Mrs. P.,
Ours is a Church built through Bingo, raffles, etc. Wager away, just not with Peperium Hall... From the Catechism: "Games of chance or wagers are not in themselves contrary to justice. They become morally unacceptable only when they deprive someone of what is necessary to provide for his needs and the needs of others."

"International Take a Llama to Lunch Day" is almost upon us and so I think we need to get together if you are amenable. I'd like to introduce you to a couple of people you might find amusing and informative. Feel free to say no, but if you do we will kidnap Paz Vega and make her a nun...

Robbo the LB

Fr. M, I'd be happy to meet. Between saving Paz and the possibility of sending some frequent flyer miles your way, it's the least I can do!

Fr. M.

Check your email...
(Sooper Sekret!)

Mrs. Peperium

Little Gidding. I am an unwashed peasant and do not know Latin. Perhaps someone --hint, hint, Father M.-- will tell me exactly what you said in Latin. I am not surprised of your account. The Virginia Seminary has always gotten a pass but if you spent time talking with their graduates, you found out quickly what they had been indoctrinated into thinking...

Father M., Billy Graham always used to say he was a worm for God. Rupert Steggles was called a worm by Bertie Wooster. Let's combine the two, and you can be a worm for God by handicaping the possiblities in the Anglican Communion. We'll wait until after Easter just to make it all Kosher....

Fr. M.

Mrs. P.,
I doubt that you are either unwashed or a peasant. "Sic Semper Tyrannis" is the motto of the Commonwealth of Virginia and means, "Thus always to tyrants" with the allegorical figure of Liberty killing a tyrant. I guess that Little Gidding meant that the community at VTS is all to happy to kill heterosexuals as they are seen as the enemy. Trivia point: "Sic Semper Tyrannis" were the words spoken by John Wilkes Booth as he jumped from the presidential box after having assinated Abraham Lincoln.

Fr. M.

And I was wondering if you were going to "worm" your way out of the Steggles comment...

Fr. M.

Here's the deal-closer for all the Episcopalians lodged in the debate about crossing the Tiber...

Mr. Peperium

So Matt Groenig and Hillaire Belloc are of the same mind:

"Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine..."

Years ago, when I was a liberal democrat and read Garrison Keillor with pleasure (not noticing the underlying condescension in every page) he made much the same point in his book Lake Woebegon Days. As a member of a Protestant sect "so small only God and us knew about it", he envied the Catholics their art, wine and song.

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