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March 06, 2007



I know, I will post YouTubes of Chinese dissidents! That will get me banned.


I can't believe I've been banned.
I'm in support of long years of hard labor for people in possession of ill-gotten books. I like earth-toned clothing. I think a single red star is fashionable (in the right ensemble). I drive a red truck.
What else do I need to do?

Mrs. Peperium

Misspent, Hmmm... what's the easiest way to get on the bad side of the ChiComs?

Call them ignorant of history for believing what they believe...be 100% pro-life...forsake birth control...own guns...own private property...trustfunds...vote Republican...drink...be merry...

Prof. McDade, you look like you do, you have a gazillion of old books and maps at your disposal, you can speak with an English accent at will and you drive a red truck....achi-machi...Again, stay in the stacks...deep, deep in the stacks...


I think those pretty much apply to me--or would if i could. All but the gun thing--although i support everyone else's right to have tons of em.

The Maximum Leader

I was banned at some point in the past. I think back in 2005. I assumed I would just stay banned. Humm... Interesting...

Misspent - Do you need a gun? I'd be happy to just give you one if you'd like. We could go to the range and try it out if you've never shot before...

Mario (mandingo)

As a hardened anti communist PRO LIFE PRO GUN THE BRITISH SHOULD OF NEVER ABANDONED ADEN AND HONG KONG TYPE OF GUY WHO IS American of Cuban emigre parentage I celebrate this honor by inviting y'all to go to the link below and sign the declaration denouncing the Chinese Communist Party. LET'S DO IT! DO IT!


and remember...

But if you go carrying pictures of chairman Mao,

You ain't going to MAKE IT with anyone anyhow

Don't you know it's gonna be all right,

Don't you know it's gonna be all right

Don't you know it's gonna be all right,

Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
Lennon-McCartney 1968


Mario (mandingo)


Mrs. Peperium


(Just kidding Mandingo...couldn't resist a little commie-marxist-general-all-around-goofball-sloganing to start the snowy morning off.)

Maxy, you've gone soft... This is what happens when you play Elton John videos --can you imagine how popular that particular video you played a while back will be in Red China in about 15 years when there are no brides to be had even for ready money?

Okay, there's only one thing you can do know to prove your man cards as well as your capitalist cards; take Misspent shooting. According to Misspent, he has never held a gun, not even a toy one. To do this properly, you must buy yourself that shooting jacket you were oogling in NYC. --tell your wife you are doing it for her sake--Then, you must buy the best brandy money can buy, pack up your thistle pattern crystal brandy snifters, and throw together a hamper of smoked pheasant, cold lobster and a cold chicken or two. Some sandwiches of ham or tongue would not be out of place either, if you would enjoy them. Swing by Father M's place and secure the Alpine hat for Misspent --Father M is in England until the 10th so wait until then-- Then hoof it over to Misspent's where he will waiting for you but NOT wearing bowling shoes. He'll be clad in something casual from his days as a good trencherman in the City and off to the shooting range you go hi ho hi ho. Once there, park the car and flip open the trunk. Take out two of those leather shooting chairs and pop them open. Pour each of you large brandys as I'm sure the shooting range doesn't all look at at kindly on those who drink and shoot and won't let you do this inside-- Lean into your chairs while discussing the market, your investments, the plans for summer, the ladies, naturally, and whatever else good trenchermen of the City discuss. Absolutely do not let the words organic, biodegradable or worse, sustainable cross your lips. Then once you have both decided your gears are properly greased head inside and start shooting with abandon -- at the targets of course. Shooting the staff isn't what it was in my grandfather's day. The lawyers have seen to ending that fun.

If Misspent shows promise, go out and get some bubbly. drink it and then blow away several rounds of clay pigeons.

Your posting will take on new life and Red China will ban you once again. Plus, Misspent will have enjoyed himself.

the american fez

I entered my website three times. It was available twice and banned once. In conclusion, you'd have to say that that 'Great Firewall of China Test' website is an absolute crock.
I knew this anyway because I have a regular reader who lives in China.

The Maximum Leader

Mrs P - you are, as always, brilliant. I would love to take Misspent out for a day of shooting and a luncheon. While I was originally thinking of going to a small gun range and showing him some pistols, your idea of doing long guns is far superior.

So Misspent? Are you up for it? Let me know and I'll pencil you into the calendar.

Mrs. Peperium

Methinks the fez might be too snug. Lighten up. It's not everyone who can appeal both to the commie and the capitalist. Only you and Jane Fonda so far :)

So, how do you look sitting on anti-aircraft guns Fez?

Yeah Maxy...you're back!


I don't know where Mrs. P gets this notion that I have never fired a gun. Although I don't know where Mrs. P gets most of her notions--and that is where she gets her charm. I have indeed fired a gun. Several of them. I can't imagine that I didn't write about the experience but a quick Google of my site shows that I didn't. Strange.

I suppose I will now have to write something about it. Dear Leader (and I do not mean Mrs. P), you might want to read it whenever it appears before you stick to that invite.

Oh, and you might be interested that I have counseled an upstanding Christian young man who is engaged to be married to an upstanding Christian young woman (both Evangelical) to not use birth control of any sort once they do the deed, but to use the Catholic method. This advice was seconded by another man who is a foot soldier in the evangelical movement. Frankly, I found it refreshing to have this conversation with another man since most of my male friends find my position odd and have the sexual control of pent up chimps.


For Maxy:


the american fez

I am light, Mrs P, I merely wanted to point out that the website in question is a coomplete nonsense and probably run by The Falun Bong or whatever they are called. Mind you, at least they have the decency to post a disclaimer concerning the inaccuracy of their results.

Mrs. Peperium

Misspent. per where I do I get my notions :


"...Last week, while on a bike ride, Little Bertie Wooster asked, "Mommy, can I have a gun?" "You sure can Little Bertie." He then straightened up in his saddle seat like a man and started singing "I'm getting a gun, I'm getting a gun...."

Yesterday we went to get the gun. Little Bertie is now the very proud papa of a lovely semi-automatic cap gun pistol. The gun barrel actually gleams in the sunlight like every gun barrel ought to. When I handed the pistol over to Little Bertie he did this deep heh, heh, heh, cackle and if he had had a mustache, I'm certain he would have twirled it. Roger Kimball's future daughter-in-law chose for her reward for learning the Pledge of Allegiance, a bag of plastic rats. She thought they were adorable. When we got home, she asked me for a Dixie cup full of celery because her "rats were hungry". While the rats were enjoying their first real meal since their departure from the factory in China, screams suddenly rang out from RKFDIL, "Mommy, Little Bertie is killing my rats! Help Mommy! HELP, HELP, HEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!!!!" I came running and calmly asked Little Bertie why he was killing his sister's rats. "They're BAD RATS!" he shouted with his pistol pointed at the head of a cute grey one. "NO THEY'RE NOT MOMMY!" his sister screamed backed. I very quietly told Little Bertie that the rats were not bad and to let them eat their celery. "OK, I'll go shoot the BAD BUSHES!" Thankfully, he meant the arborvitae and not the President's family..."

Your response:

You bought Bertie a GUN? Isn't he a little young to have a cap gun? I wasn't allowed to have guns, period when I was a child.

And RKFDIL bought a bag of plastic rats? Ew.

Posted by: Misspent Life | September 29, 2005 at 11:21 PM

Mrs. Peperium

Fez, Thanks for the clarifacation.

Misspent, good going on the anti-birth control front. Couple to Couple league is where they should head know and start learning how the woman really works prior to the wedding night.

the american fez

The world would be a better place if every child was forced to play with toy guns. Then they might get bored of them before they actually got within itchy-finger distance of a real weapon.
When I was a kid I had an entire arsenal of firearms, including a plastic bazooka that shot whole potatoes. So, having caused more than so much devastation in my youth, I harbor absolutely no desire to own a gun now. It's the kids who went without that you have to worry about, if you ask me.

mario mandingo


The Maximum Leader

Misspent - many thanks for the Don's Guns ad. I'd never seen one before, but have heard about them from friends. Ah, the miracles of You Tube. And if you don't mind, please get to posting your gun experiences right away.

Mrs P - You know. I've been quite curious as to why I am not banned in China. I don't want to dismiss out of hand your Elton John video theory. But I don't think that is it. It could be that, although a right of center fellow with libertarian/republican leanings - I do have a dark authoritarian core. Perhaps the ChiComs find that admirable?

Then again... They may really dig the bejeweled floppy cap.

Mrs. Peperium

The hat flops just like their missiles. In your fashion sense, they see a fellow Comrade...

James G. Poulos

Tsingtao is a fine beer, and drinking it while banned is my favorite way to unwind. I'm James Poulos, and I approved this message.

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