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March 27, 2007


Classic stuff Mrs. P as always - speaking of Episcopal gal bishops...

Mrs. P says:

"With a flourish worthy of any female Episcopal bishop, Mr. P donned the diaper on his head and announced to our table from this day forward, we were to address him as Cardinal Chundar."

Just reminded me from the ncc watch blog


caption quote below

"Picture above of Episcopal Bishopress Cathy Roskam of New York getting her “freak on” and jiggling her Protestant booty on the multi-cultural inner city streets of the Bronx at the Trinity Hip Hop Mass July 2, 2004. Notice how the sheeple follow her - like lambs to the slaughter they are - but we guess ignorance is bliss. You go girl!"

Mrs. Peperium

Thank you Mandingo. Ms. Bishopress is a silly condescending piece of work.

And probably not too bright as well.

Fr. M.

Thank you for giving RKFDIL all of her options including religious life. Whether she marries or whether she takes vows I have no doubt that the seed of the Faith her parents have planted in her heart will bear fruit.

Mrs. Peperium

Thank you Father.

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