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March 26, 2007


Fr. M.

As today is the Feast of the Annunciation and the International Day of the Unborn Child your announcement is well-timed. Interesting enough, the last Queen Christine (of Sweden) converted to Catholicism and was forced into exile in Rome. She is buried at St. Peter's across from Pius X and within whispering distance of King James III and Prince Cardinal Henry Benedict Stewart, Duke of York.

Mrs. Peperium

I'd like to say I knew all that but I did not. Thank you Father...

Hey Christine, if you do a bang up job here as Queen, maybe your bones will end up at St. Peter's too.

mario mandingo

Mrs. P and Father M:

Kissling is gone, but alas, now we must be faced with the one that replaces her - so more demonic carcinogenic choice is to come our way - duping us that they are good Catholics! Bring it on, bring it on! We love the fight we will wage with the ghouls - we will fight them with love, wit, and determination.

Fr. M.

Mario, you are sounding very Churchillian today!

We have the Truth on our side and they only have bloody murder on theirs.


Yes, please, Mrs. P, do give us the dish on the things Mr. P and Sir Basil have passed over in silence...

Mrs. Peperium

Sure thing.


Mrs. P,
You'll see from my blog that I've issued my two royal decrees... and what fun I had!

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