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March 19, 2007


Andrew Cusack

Now I'm definitely against the bilious hatred much of the left has spewed on Lord Black, but didn't this guy break the law? Shouldn't he be held to account?

Mrs. Peperium

Look, until we start prosecuting everyone, not just the conservatives or Republicans, I've decided we should prosecute no one. Get rid of all lawyers and judges, throw open the jails and carry big guns...

Basil Seal

So please explain why you support Lord Black but dislike Taki...Taki did his time...

Mrs. Peperium

Basil, sit down, we have to talk. The Scooter Libby trial has come and gone, showing what a farce the Washington Press Corps is as well as the justice Department. The Academy Awards have come and gone whith algore as the big (literally) winner. Never say that I am one not to adapt to progress. I am one. And I have adapted.

I used to judge men by the shoes and watches they wore. I no longer do. I judge men by the size of their carbon footprint. The bigger the footprint, the bigger the man. No reduction, no offseting for me.

Lord Black, a robber baron of the old school, has a very big carbon footprint. Probably one of the biggest around. Cars, jets, yachts, multiple homes, businesses -the few he has left- are all burning as much fossil fuel as they can. Lord Black feels absolutely no need to reduce his carbon outlay or buy offsetting credits. What kind of woman could not admire that?

Taki, who is short to begin with, tools around in a Cooper-mini. No private jets for him and his yachts are always someone else's. Well, it's not polite for a woman to notice how small his carbon footprint is because it is so small. Poor fella, you can tell he knows it too...

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