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March 27, 2007



Mrs. P,
Do you really look like Angelina Jolie?

Mr. Peperium

All hail Queen Christine and the melifluous melodies of her multifarious...drat, I can't think of a word that begins with "m" that means "decrees".

I wouldn't have made a good cortier. I would never have risen above the rank of Third Assistant to the Royal Ruff-Fluffer. I suppose those things had to be fluffed up every now and then, like tutus.

But I digress. Oh mighty--if temporary--Queen, that your decrees might be heeded, if only for 24 hours.

Mr. Peperium

Who says Mrs. P looks like Angelina Jolie? What does Angelina Jolie look like? Who is Angelina Jolie?

Now you know why a man ten years my senior introduced himself at a public function as "only slightly less hip" than me.

Mrs. Peperium

I repeat, I look like Barbara Bush Sr...

Mrs. Peperium

So Father M., care to elaborate on :

"True, he may have been a hellion in younger days, but a decade in the priesthood has surely mellowed him out..."

Holy Week is coming up and some bang up stories couldn't hurt. You can even have the keys to the blog to do it up right...


Angelina Jolie:


Fr. M.

Christine, I have never seen Mrs. P., someone once said that she looks like Angelina Jolie (without the tattoos I imagine.) I have seen Card's Wife... Picture a preppy, Catholic Jennifer Love Hewett, so I imagine they both get a good bit or attention when they go for their oyster and champagne forays at the local country club. Basil could prove the definitive word on this...

Thank you very much for making me your advisor, BTW, and as such I must ask, with what, exactly, should Hilary spank Nancy? I bet Maximum Leader could come up with something mideval. Wouldn't it just be easier to spill some Holy Water on them and watch them melt into a puddle of green ooze(and hairspray)?

Fr. M.

"...True he may have been a hellion in his younger days..." refers to something I conveyed to Christine that happened in 1976-- when I was ten. Just a mischevious chid story for another day. Sorry, no lascivious stories happened in my past unless you would like me to make them up...


Angelina and Jennifer? This is more accurate:



This is it:


Card's wife

People stop us all the time and ask us if we are Angelina and Jennifer. When we were at the Met with Fiendish last June a little girl actually came up to us and asked us for our autographs.


Mrs. P,
Well, now, I must see a picture of you, if you really do resemble one of the most beautiful (if not disturbed) actresses in the world.

Card's wife,
Is that true?

Fr. M,
I thought just the bare hand would do. Sprinkling holy water is an excellent option--but once they've melted, we wouldn't have the pleasure of witnessing the spanking spectacle in future years.

Mrs. Peperium

Ok, let's put this one to bed, shall we?

In my 20's male family members describe me to their eligible male friends as looking like her with a fairer complexion:


Now, I did wear my hair like that for black ties and special dates. The fellas at my Boston club had a code name for it, my "Anastasia look". Referring to this:


But I am 20 years older and trust me, many things have altered, including my hair which is completely silver now and remains undyed. The mantle has been passed to my daughter and she seems to be enjoying it with all the German boys...

Old Dominion Tory

Good for you for letting your hairdresser butt out when it comes to your silver mantle, Mrs. Peperium.
Thanks to my ancestry, my hair is now almost completely grey (well, what's left of it). Although when in the company of my children I often receive compliments on my grandchildren, I do receive many "senior citizen" discounts unbidden.

Card's wife

Christine, Mrs. P is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside.

Mrs. P, tell RKFDIL that Cardette is acquainted with a young boy who is very interested in her so Andrew might be up for grabs.


So priests notice women? I've always wondered about that--because everyone knows once you receive the sacrament of holy orders, you cease to be human...


Mrs. Peperium

You know, I think all of you are nuttier than me. Which is saying a lot....

Card's wife

Spring is in the air...

The Maximum Leader

In response to the good Father M's comment, I would normally suggest spanking with flails, spiked maces, the flat side of a broadsword and the like. But in the spirit of charity, I would suggest that Speaker Pelosi is spanked with a regulation cricket bat.

Additionally, I have a picture in my mind of Mrs P and Card's Wife as Phoebe Cates and (the dreamy) Jennifer Love Hewitt. I don't know if I want to ever spoil that illusion.

Fr. M.

Christine, I am sure that all good Catholic men, including priests, can set eyes upon women and simply appreciate the beauty without it being in any way prurient.

Leader, I like the broadsword idea. Oh, and yes I do remember a certain Maximum Leader posting a picture of jennifer Love Hewett on Ash Wednesday (without even photoshopping ashes on her forehead...)

Mario (mandingo)

Hey, priests are human too.

I have never seen Mrs. P. but for some reason I too always pictured Mrs. P with dark hair kinda like Liv Tyler or Jolie or Cates something like that but 10000000 times more refined and educated and graceful.

Angelina Jolie is strange - she is not a WASP I think, she looks like she has Latin blood or perhaps is a Cajun somewhere in there? I saw her profile on the cover of Hello magazine - too perfect a face.

The Maximum Leader

Aiee! I didn't realize that I posted photos of (the dreamy) Miss Hewitt on Ash Wednesday. I probably should have exercised a little more discretion then.

Or, I could have photoshopped ashes on the pic.

I'll be more careful next time.


Of course, Fr. M; I was speaking in jest.

Fr. M.

Christine, I totally knew that you were speaking in jest but it gave me an opportunity to bat to your pitch.

Leader, I was just giving you static (I bet you didn't think that your own diocesan clergy was monitoring your blog, heh, heh...) but you could, while you are at it, photoshop a nun's habit on her. Oh, and a rosary, of course. Now THAT would be a perfect JLH...

The Maximum Leader

Ack! My own diocesan clergy is reading my blog! They are seeing my unphotoshopped JLH pics. During Lent no less...

I fear that my photoshopping talents are not quite up to snuff to get JLH in a habit with a rosary. I'll have to practice.

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