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March 13, 2007



I like it when you say that Austen always separates the men from the boys. How true. And the gentlemen from the cads and bounders. And the genuine from the flashy.
The word "adult" always comes to mind when Austen is mentioned. These books were written for grown up people, by a grown up. Although a few good films have been made of her novels, one still always gets a bit nervous, doesn't one, when Hollywood gets its hands on one of the classics. Here, the word "infantile" usually comes to mind.

Mrs. Peperium

frml, I'm so glad you are still with us.

Indeed, Jane was most definitely written for grown ups. What a lovely compliment.

Sadly, infantile is what usually comes to mind when it comes to anything Hollywood puts forth. Though I've heard the Wilberfoce movie is quite good. I must admit I do enjoy this Austen film:



Thanks, Mrs. P. I do really enjoy your blog.
And thanks for the recommendation. I had planned to buy the DVD recently, but I forgot. I'll do so right now.

Mrs. Peperium

Thank you and good about buying the DVD. You will see, as like in the book, Ann really does enjoy a second bloom. One of the nicest and most tasteful things Hollywood has ever accomplished.

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