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March 09, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

Maybe not the coast of Maine for the rest of your life, Mrs. Peperium, but it might be enough to ensure your cellar always is well-stocked. Good luck!

Andrew Cusack

I earnestly await my invitation to the Flying Corps annual retreat on the coast of Maine...


You should know about how good a job voice over work is. I knew the woman who did Neon back when that came out and she had the best stories about working for a few weeks and then traveling for months on end on the residuals. Strangely, I also know a young man whose lady does this and she basically follows the same formula: work a month, travel, let the checks roll in.

If he wants a reedy, thin, nasal, raspy, whiny male voice in the DC area--I'm game!


Mrs. P,
Go for it.

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