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March 03, 2007


The Fiendish One

I cannot tell you how relieved I am to read this account.
Well, OK, I'll tell you. I thought you fellows were referring to me as a generous ho, or sometimes just ho.
Although now I can't figure out why your biker buddies kept offering me free drinks. I may never be able to darken the door of Chumley's again.

Mr. Peperium

General Howe...Generous Ho...Yeah, Black Velvet can be hard on the syllables on both ends: transmission as well as reception.

But really, just be make things perfectly clear, those lads were not longshoremen or bikers. They were artists. Unlike the first two categories, to be an artist one needn't apply for a union card, master specific skills or buy expensive equipment. One just needs to declare oneself an artist. Indeed, artists might be said to constitute the world's most democratic elite. For an absolutely minimal outlay of cash (except, of course, for college; but then that's mom and dad's outlay of cash, isn't it?) one can instantly become a force to be reconned with.

Basil Seal

Artists you say? I would have never guessed that...I thought they were Chartists or something...I still have no idea who Benny Hill is or what was going on with the cherry...As far as General Howe is concerned, we all know that the gentleman was preoccupied with another matter...By the way, what contemporary masters? There is no such thing...

Old Dominion Tory

It was in the 1980s that Auberon Waugh wrote that "Never before in human history have so many people described themselves as artists yet so little real art been produced." Looks like things haven't changed much in NYC.

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