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March 08, 2007



Mrs. P, an admirably careful detonation. Of course, law school classes are large, so I may not even have known this particular lemon recipient. But interesting, nevertheless.


Mrs P, you don't have a good John Forbes Kerry story in reserve, by any chance? Herald columnist Howie Carr once asked callers to his radio show to relate stories of their encounters with the junior senator and there were some very amusing anecdotes from waitresses and bartenders from various Back Bay boƮtes. What's your Kerry tale?

Mrs. Peperium

Ask and ye shall receive:


O Peripatetic Mrs P: Your Boston celebrity encounters all seem to involve running into people! At least you didn't literally fall for Jawn Forbes K as you did for Mayor White's son.

Old Dominion Tory

Seeing as Boston connections abound here on Patum Peperium, perhaps, Mrs. Peperium should devise a post about her favorite places in The Hub, each accompanied by one of her tales of encountering some famous (and infamous) personages. I'm sure it would be most entertaining.

Old Dominion Tory

As to Mrs. Clinton, I think we also need to see The Ardent Defender of Israel and the Pal of the Late and Unlamented Arafat (and his Missus). I wonder if there is on of her taking on the Butchers of Beijing, just like Bill in the 1992 campaign.

Mrs. Peperium

Fiendish, yes it was a large class but the two of you practice the same exact area of law... Didn't you ever wonder as to how an airhead like me could understand your area of expertise? I had it all patiently explained to me several times when he was making his case for him and I...

Elky and Old Dominion, I had a habit of running into people and they did take place at some of the more popular watering holes in Boston as well as on the street as I always wore my walkman and got lost in another world. One of the more memorable times was when I was walking in front of the Parker House and before I realised it a Boston Celtics logo loomed into view and then I hit it. It was really soft at first and then solid muscle as it turned out to be a thigh. A famous thigh of a really tall basketball player - Kevin McHale and behind him was who else? Larry, and the rest of the team as they were getting off the bus and going inside... Kevin was the first to disembark and I never saw him coming. He was very nice and so were the other players...

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