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March 06, 2007


Robbo the Llama Butcher

Ah, me - yes, the Burned Letters.

I still vividly recall, in the context of studying Emma, the near shouting match into which I got with some junior temporary teaching assistant type my freshman year in college over those letters. She was convinced that the very fact they were burned by the Family PROVES they were dynamite, carrying all sorts of sooper sekrets about Jane's darkest yearnings. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

I was innocent enough to ask how she could possibly know this, given that the letters were, you know, gone. Also to suggest that the Prof was doing a wee bit of projecting and that really, I didn't see any point in such an exercise.

For some reason or other, she didn't appreciate my contribution to the discussion.

(This, btw, was my first warning that going into literary academics myself would be a bruising, miserable and ultimately fruitless career choice.)

Mrs. Peperium

The Douglas Fairbanks Sr. of the blogsphere is much more fruitful...


Mrs. P, I doub this film is going to historically accurate:

As for Anne Hathaway, she's ex-Catholic. She said in an interview that when her brother declared he was gay, she left Catholicism because the Church is against homosexual relations and she didn't want to be involved in a Church that did not agree with her brother's lifetyle.

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