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March 14, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

I think it better explains two phenomena. First, how *some* men of middling intellect, talent, and achievement come to believe that the way to achieve the same renown and status as, say, JFK is to become sexual buccaneers. Second, it also explains how some men who have embarked on a life of ceaseless sexual conquests delude themselves into thinking that, by doing so, they somehow have become men of substance (I am rutting enthusiastically and frequently; JFK rutted in the same manner; therefore, I am JFK.) Pathetic when you get down to the nub of it.

Mrs. Peperium

Hmmm...you mean like this:

"Bill Clinton roughed up another woman last week, but the hype surrounding the release of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's long-awaited report on impeachable offenses obscured the incident.

"This time, the woman was one of Hillary's best friends -- and a Cabinet member to boot.

"According to reports from inside Clinton's first Cabinet meeting in nearly eight months (that's right, eight months -- it's worth repeating for those of you who still believe Clinton has actually been "doing the work of the country") the president dressed down, rebuked and lowered the boom on Donna Shalala, his secretary of Health and Human Services. For what? For actually having the audacity to question him about his lying, perjuring, adulterous and juvenile behavior -- that's what.

"After listening patiently to his latest sniveling, insincere apology, Shalala asked Clinton if he considered his policies and programs more important than whether he provided moral leadership and an example of honesty and integrity.

""I can't believe that is what you're telling us, that is what you believe, that you don't have an obligation to provide moral leadership," she said, according to one participant in the meeting. "She said something like, 'I don't care about the lying, but I'm appalled at the behavior.'"

"That's when Clinton did what he does best -- he belittled the diminutive woman.

'"He whacked her,""said the source. ""He let her have it.""

"He sputtered that if her logic had prevailed in 1960, Richard M. Nixon would have been elected instead of John F. Kennedy. That shut up Shalala and every other Cabinet member in the room.

"I think this incident warrants a little more scrutiny, analysis and contemplation. What does it mean? What does it say about Clinton, his inner circle and his chief defenders?

"First of all, let's remember who Shalala is. She's a true believer -- a total leftist ideologue, like her friend Hillary. Clinton, for all of his faults -- which are legion -- is not. In fact, he does not really believe in much of anything other than his own ambition and, well, "needs."

"Having once been a dupe of the left myself, I understand where Shalala was coming from. I've witnessed many such encounters among the politically correct crowd going back to the '60s. She was confronting Clinton and explaining that he was, through his personal and sexual recklessness, jeopardizing "the cause." The cause, to the Shalala-Hillary axis, is far more important than the man.

"Shalala, keep in mind, is no pious prude. She's a feminist. She believes little kids should be given condoms in school and instructed in the fine art of sexual intercourse. She defends teaching that homosexuality is normal and acceptable as an alternative lifestyle. Like Hillary, she thinks it takes a village to raise kids, not families.

"But she also understands the sexual revolution she has advocated throughout her adult life is not complete. There are a lot of rubes out there in America who still believe in those antiquated, archaic notions of fidelity and marriage. They need to be led down the road to hell slowly, carefully, the Shalalas of the world believe. Like most feminists, she's also repulsed by images of powerful men using their position to seek out sexual gratification from employees. When Republicans do it, they call it "sexual harassment."

"This is where Shalala was coming from -- not to mention, perhaps, the sisterly kinship she shares with Hillary, who must be more than a little humiliated by Bill's compulsive, serial adultery.

"But what about Clinton's response? This has to be, at face value, one of the oddest non sequiturs of his presidency. What does it mean? Clinton isn't involved in an election. Why the comparison with Kennedy in 1960?

"Though Clinton is no committed leftist, he's a master at manipulating the left -- speaking the language of the left, appeasing the left as a way to achieve his own personal goals of empowerment. He understands that true believers like Shalala and Hillary see life as a constant struggle toward the goal of global socialism. To such ardent social engineers, the cause is waged every day -- not just on election days.

"What Clinton was saying, then, is: "If I go, the evil right-wingers win. The progressive cause loses."

"He played the Nixon card. For left-wingers who lived through the Nixon years, his ghost still represents a frightful apparition. They'll never stop knocking Nixon, or Reagan. And, of course, by comparing himself with Kennedy, another sexually reckless president, Clinton put everything in perspective for his inner circle..."

Old Dominion Tory

The reason why I have scant respect for any one who was in Clinton's cabinet as well as on the White House staff during the impeachment imbroglio is what did *not* occur in the immediate aftermath of the meeting described above. Upon hearing that they had been lied to and manipulated to defend that lie, not one of these allegedly high-powered and highly intelligent men and women had the gumption to resign--and do so on the spot.
Such is the addictive nature of power and the proximity to power.

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