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March 29, 2007



"The monarch has apparently advised the young lovers - who met at St Andrews University where they both studied History Of Art - to take their relationship more seriously and warned William that, as the future King, he should be careful to protect his reputation.

The prince has reportedly decided to go against his grandmother's pleas and plans to hang the painting on his bedroom wall."

Oh dear.

Andrew Cusack

Oh give them a break already!

mario mandingo

Mrs. P:

Is it safe to call those young "ladies", wenches or hussies? Even Kate the seemingly refined one?

Who is the prince that is going into battle in Iraq with his men? Can we cut him some slack for that or are they fair game to be roasted here by us your loyal readers?

Oh, my, sorry for all the questions.

If I were an English princeling I would not get involved with all that London trash and instead go for a bookish Emma Peel type in the country side.

Old Dominion Tory

Were I an English prince, the prohibition against Catholics on the throne would have been cast aside--and, therefore, I would call upon King Juan Carlos to see if any Spanish princesses were available or perhaps I'd see if any member of the Hapsburg or Wittelsbach [sp] family wanted to have a go at being my consort. We'd then provide an example of piety and properiety that would shame both the political and chattering classes and inspire the rest of the nation.

Old Dominion Tory

Oh, and speaking of bad behavior by British monarchs, apparently, Showtime is determined to make some money by broadcasting a dramatic series about the prototypical royal bad boy, Henry VIII.


Is Wing Cdr Seal a member at Bouji's? And as for that girl dancing in silhouette at the club website: wasn't she last seen backing the opening credits of a Bond film? Shagadelic, baby!

Mrs. Peperium

"Oh give them a break already!"

Perhaps after spending a decade or two trying to support a family within the teachings of the Catholic Church and against all sorts of machinations by moral trolls and sociopaths, the continual cries of how hard the English royal family has it with their lack of privacy and inability to follow the teachings of the church that was created for them will hold less water...

Mrs. Peperium



Lord, the Royals running around in Medieval Manor costumes -- and Prince Edward's snit afterward. Are we having fun yet? A classic!


Mr. Mandingo, Kate isn't refined. Apparently she caught William's eye when she modeled for a fashion show at St Andrew's University. This is what she was wearing:

Old Dominion Tory, I've heard that on the upcoming show "The Tudors" both Boleyn sisters (Mary & Anne) will be depicted as giving Henry VIII what is referred to in vulgar language as "bl*wjobs". The actor playing Henry VIII, looks nothing like the man when he was young. Also, the series is said to depict St Thomas More as a dull fellow, unlike the man of wit he was in real life. I think I'll give it a miss.

Speaking of the Habsburgs & other genuinely Catholic royal families, I doubt they'd even think of marrying Windsors unless they became Catholic first.

Andrew Cusack

"the continual cries of how hard the English royal family has it with their lack of privacy and inability to follow the teachings of the church that was created for them will hold less water..."

Cries I have not made, you will (of course) note. (Though their lack of privacy is inhumane). Just because one has managed to do a good job raising a family doesn't mean one can continually flaunt the failings of other families, particularly if it is the same family over and over again!

Such silliness!


Perhaps that is because no other reigning Royal Family has a head who claims to be "Defender of the Faith". I grant you that the French king was known as "Rex Christianissimus" (sp.?), but at present France is a republic so we can't really pick on either Legitimists or Orleanists. Though I have expressed my dissatisfaction with the present Spanish Royal Family a number of times in this blog. And don't get me started on the lily-livered Belgians.

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