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March 21, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

Excellent observation, Mr. Peperium, and an excellent sentiment. I'm glad you're finding much to like in Decisive Day.

Andrew Cusack

And while April 19 was the first occasion on which men of this land had taken up arms on their own behalf

The first occasion except for, of course, King Phillip's War, the Pontiac Rebellion, King William's War, Dummer's War, King George's War, and Dunmore's War, in all of which colonists fought ("on their own behalf" one might say) against external threats, and not to mention the myriad inter-colonial and intra-colonial violent conflicts in which different colonies or factions feuded with eachother.

Mrs. Peperium

Hey, don't forget fighting with the redmen!!! I have relatives who fell in Pequot Swamp so multimillionaires can sail their lily-white boats in and out of that Harbor today...

Old Dominion Tory

Say, Mrs. P, I have an ancestor who was killed resisting "Les Bostonaises" [sp?] at Louisbourg as well as some who ran with the Indians on their raids southward. More occasions, perhaps, on which our ancestors "encountered" each other.

Old Dominion Tory

Speaking of this era, Mrs. Peperium, someday soon you and Mr. Peperium will need to purchase Bertie that marvelous book, "The Matchlock Gun."

Mrs. Peperium

My grandfather:


Old Dominion Tory

Neat fellow to have in the family tree, Mrs. Peperium!

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