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March 15, 2007


Robert the Llama Butcher

Oh, great - now I've got an earwig of that song!

Fr. M.

Somewhere, from the depth of his Baptism, there is a hunger in Williams' soul for Truth; it is there in all of us. That hunger for Truth is, no doubt, supressed by the demands for political correctness which are constantly placed upon him by the vastly influential 'special interest groups.' God willing, eventually, the Truth shall set him, and the Anglican Communion, free.


Dr. Williams was NOT named to St. Becket's chair, but to Crammer's. Mr. Weigel should know that an Anglican ABC is never part of the Apostolic succession.

Mrs. Peperium

Touche Jacobite. Though perhaps Weigel did not mean to mislead and was just calling back to Becket's chair because Canterbury was Becket's chair.

Father M., an interview with Williams that I found which does appear to more illumination to your words about his desire for the Truth:

"How do you respond to John Spong’s accusation that you are a ‘neo-medievalist’, preaching orthodoxy to the people in the pew but knowing in private that it just isn’t true?

"Quite crossly, really. I am genuinely a lot more conservative than he would like me to be. Take the Resurrection. I think he has said that of course I know what all the reputable scholars think on the subject and therefore when I talk about the risen body I must mean something other than the empty tomb.. But I don’t. I don’t know how to persuade him, but I really don’t.

"I think it would be utterly destructive and utterly wrong to declare from the pulpit what I did not in fact believe, and I think it would be insulting to the faithful to conceal from them any problems. Which is not to say that the pulpit is a place for theological speculation but that I would have to ask myself very carefully, ‘Am I saying this honestly?’

"I was reading recently the biography of William Temple, of the struggles he went through just before ordination over his attitudes to the Virgin Birth and the empty tomb; and what comes over is something which I think many people these days ought to ponder. He asks himself: ‘What can I, as an individual, give my full intellectual assent to?’ And he also asks: ‘What can I, as representing the Christian community, say with honesty?’ They are not quite the same question.

"That is, in a sense, an experience I could echo: offering for ordination entails taking the responsibility for the faith of the church, not just little bits of it, and therefore there is a kind of obligation to feel your way into perhaps a greater fullness than you might in your own intellectual strength come to. It’s difficult to put clearly."

The rest is here:


There's much here to discuss. What made me most uneasy is the idea that he seems comfortable with others --like Spong-- preaching untruths as long as Spong firmly believes in them... That is wrong is so many ways.

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