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April 26, 2007


Father M.

Thank you, Archbishop Burke, for protecting your flock.

Mrs. Peperium



[b]A Catholic institution featuring a performer who promotes moral evil gives the impression that the church is somehow inconsistent in its teaching," Burke said...[/b]

How about a Catholic institution NAMED for someone who promoted a moral evil? Does that not give a greater impression that the Church is somehow inconsistent it her teaching?

So shall we address how Burke has shown no discomfort with Glennon Hospital being named after his segregationist predecesor?

Mrs. Peperium

Katherine, a little less emoting and a lot more education makes for a happier life. Here's the article you ought to have read according to your google inquiry:



The article seems to be a propaganda piece. It objects to the Post describing Burke's action as "his opinion" rather than Church teaching. On this point, the Post is right.

I am a Catholic who affirms the teachings of my church and supports the pro-life cause. It is not an article of the Catholic faith that I can have nothing to do with those like Ms. Crow who have regretable views on abortion policy. I disagree with Ms. Crow on abortion policy. But I have no moral reservation as to working with her to raise money to help support the admirable mission of Glennon Hospital. Archbishop Burke says that working with her on this matter is to support her views on abortion. I think he is wrong. I KNOW he is wrong to say that someone who thinks as I do is not a faithful Catholic.

Archbishop Burke has his opinions. They are misguided and certainly not essential to the Catholic faith. They are simply his opinions.

Mrs. Peperium

"But I have no moral reservation as to working with her to raise money to help support the admirable mission of Glennon Hospital."

Ms. Crow influences the lives of tens of thousands of young people. Her abortion views are evil, pure evil. You are making a classic ends justifies the means argument. That argument is against Catholic teaching.

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