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April 06, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

Is this your work, Mr. Peperium? If so, it's quite good. If not, it's a nice choice.

Mrs. Peperium

Yes Old Dominion. It is Mr. P's own poem.


Really impressive work, Mr P. Extraordinary.

Father M.

Mr. P.,
A holy and fitting meditation for Good Friday.

Mr. Peperium

Thank you Old Dominion, frml and Father M for your very generous comments. Mark Twain once said he could live for two months on a good compliment, so I should be ok until somewhere around the first of June.

Religious poetry is the hardest kind to write; I've often wondered at George Herbert's facility for writing nothing else but pious meditations that are never cloying or obvious. I think it has alot to do with the culture one lives in; Herbert or Donne or Dante or The Pearl Poet inhabited cultures where Christianity were the stock in trade of every thinking person's mind. Even Chaucer's Wyfe of Bath, so famous for her salacious stances, grounds her arguments in Scripture. Mrs. P quoted Eliot the other day declaring the collapse of Christendom; I'm afraid he was right. But he also said we must redeem the time, which I guess includes such various activities as trying to raise children who know the Faith and occassionally writing some verse.


Mr. P,
The last stanza is particularly nice--the last line especially. I like how the reference to Abraham contrasts Christ's omnipotence with His complete vulnerability on the Cross. "Wind wrestles in the thicket like a ram" gives closure in a wonderfully vivid and powerful way; bravo on a perfect ending.

Mr. Peperium

Thank you very much, Christine. I'm delighted the lines bear such a reading and I shouldn't be surprised. Typology was one of the things that won me over to the Faith. (My favorite instance is David dancing before the Ark of the Covenant and John leaping in Elizabeth's womb.) Bring up a Type and the resonances can't help being struck. That God would go through with a sacrifice He spared us from making always blows me away.

I like the last line too; it drives home the point that, unlike Abraham and his son, there is no substitute to fall back on.


This isn't an Easter post so this comment doesn't quite blong, but Happy Easter everyone! Christ is risen! He is risen indeed!!!

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