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April 03, 2007



Mrs P, on the topic of Easter dresses, you may appreciate this website on the O'Neil Sisters, once darlings of the Boston Easter Parade and the rotogravure:


They were written up yesterday in the Globe:


Our daughter went shopping the other day for both Easter and First Communion dresses. She has been outspoken in her disdain of dresses, but apparently there is something about mock pearls, gloves and veils that can change the most tomboyish of hearts.

Mrs. Peperium

Thanks Elky. I have always loved your O'Neil sisters posts.

It is funny what happens to girls when they get around the pretty things, isn't it?

Since our first communion dress (next year) will be the first one in about 100 years, I'm casting about for a very spectacular Irish lace veil... I like this one:


That should have several sets of bones in a certain graveyard in Massuchusetts rolling over and over...

By the way, I've instructed my husband that I want to finish out my days in a East Coast Catholic cemetary with fresh ocean breezes that roll over the grasses and where the faithful come to say rosaries for all of the bones contained within. Do you know of any?


Mrs P, I don't know whether you can talk your way into the Portsmouth Abbey cemetery in R.I., but perhaps the Holy Redeemer in Bar Harbor, or Star of the Sea in Marblehead?

I found the latter two via online survey of Catholic cemeteries in Maine and Mass. If you check into the Bar Harbor parish, be sure to check out the website of S. Saviour's Episcopal, the "open church" across the street. http://ellsworthme.org/ssaviour/

You'll be rolling in your grave before you're in it! Cheers,

Mrs. Peperium

My, oh my, God does have a sense of humor, doesn't he? Elky, a recent email of mine to someone who wears French cuffs (no not Robbo or Basil) :

An anecdote from the Peperium conversion:

At the time of our conversion, we had been summering for years at the Maine cottage of an Episcopal bishop who was so prominent he raised all the money for the Harvard Business school. In fact most give him the credit for the idea of the business school. That would be the same business school today that stopped teaching ethics the year after George Bush graduated, but I digress. In the mid-1800's the family also purchased the "Beecher bibles" for John Brown. This is why they are all a bunch of pacifists today. Their family portraits hang in the Smithsonian. People are shocked to learn we are on this family's Christmas card list. However we are
because the current scion of the family co-wrote the Great Society for President Johnson incorporating much of the spiriual lingo he learned at the feet of his Bishop Dad and Bishop Uncle and Bishop Granddad. As a result, they've lost their money by funding the welfare state and their investments are too profitable for them to cash them without incurring huge taxes.

As a result, they have to rent their summer home out to people like the Peperiums...

Anyway, as Episcopalians we went to Sunday services in Bar Harbor at St. Saviour's. We were Catholics now so that wouldn't do. Before we left for Maine, Mr. P called the Archdiocese to have them direct us to a parish on the island. They said "Why Holy Redeemer!" Mr. P asked
where in Bar Harbor that was in relation to St.
Saviour's. They replied (very slowly) "Across the

All the years we had been going there, we had never noticed the Catholic Church across the street. A simple two-laned horse carriage road paved over maybe 30 years ago...

Imagine our surprise and embarrassment when we arrived at Holy Redeemer and found this:


Mrs. Peperium

Aha! From the St. Saviour's website:

"We seek to be a safe place for skeptics and agnostics as well as for believers. "

See this is why I'm not Queen. Those types should never be safe anywhere...


"Services of the Sunday" are available at St. Saviour's. That seems an awkward title to me. Particularly for the one on Saturday.

Mrs. Peperium

Fiendish, I've been thinking about this and what I need is a good Catholic lawyer.

It's time for Catholics to unite and go on the offense : We need to do a class-action suit against the Episcopal Church because their practices offend our religious beliefs.

Call me and we can conspire...

Old Dominion Tory

Hold a mo. An Episcopal parish is named for a French Jesuit parish formed in 1613?

Mrs. Peperium

You're deeply offended right? Great, ODT, you too can be part of my class action suit. When we win, we can use our loot to pay for proper Catholic educations for the children (we'll hire Father M. as our private tutor) and summer homes on the same cliff in Maryland. Do they have cliffs in Maryland? If not, I'll settle for a bluff. Maryland must have a bluff or two.

The Jesuits came to Mount Desert in 1613 but stayed only for a short while as the natives -both kinds- were not hospitable...

Fr. M.

I'd be happy to serve as private tutor. Lesson one will be why priests should wear French cuffs...

Fr. M.

And yes there are cliffs in Maryland. Including, but not limited to, the popular fossil hunting destination of Calvert Cliffs...

Old Dominion Tory

Cliffs in Maryland? Certainly, there are the Calvert Cliffs--15 miles of them--in Calvert County.
However, I think you and Mr. Peperium also would like Chestertown, Maryland in Kent County. I *know* you'd like to stay here: http://www.greatoak.com/ You can have lunch here: http://www.kittyknight.com/
If it's cliffs you want, you also can find them along the Potomac in Virginia's Westmoreland County (which is the location of Robert E. Lee's Stratford Hall). Here is a nice view of them:

Old Dominion Tory

Father M, I like you pedagogical style. Consider yourself engaged as soon as I get the money, that is.
Then, of course, there is the matter of a chapel. Should we have a seperate building or set aside a room in the house? Or both? I like the idea of converting an old plantation outbuilding into a chapel almost as much as throwing up a small, but magnificent gem of Georgian architecture overlooking a river bank. We could open it to Catholics visiting the area in the summer months.

Fr. M.

Thank you, Tory! I like the Georgian chapel idea since it will match my 1727 Neo-Classical chalice...

Card's wife

Mrs. P, Mr. P just left here with some treats for the little P's. Please make sure the bunnies are not headless when they arrive in Grosse Pointe.

Old Dominion Tory

Building a chapel around a chalice is a splendid idea, Father M..


Mrs. P, I am ready, willing and able to conspire, as long as it is a secret conspiracy. This comment box is secret, right?


How many attorneys are Peperium regulars anyway?

Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife, the treats are making their way into the house as I type. Mr. P assures me they still have their heads on but he's not too sure about the bunny tails... I have to go to Saunder's today to pick up the chocolate crosses and jelly beans.

Christine, that is a most Shakespearean question. Let us cue up Hamlet and see if any of the lawyers in our midst have the courage to unfold themselves...

HAMLET by William Shakespeare


SCENE I. Elsinore. A platform before the castle.

FRANCISCO at his post. Enter to him BERNARDO

Who's there?

Nay, answer me: stand, and unfold yourself.

Mrs. Peperium

Card's wife, the little stuffed animals are gorgeous! You will have made one little girl a very happy girl on Easter Sunday. To the rest of you, the Card's wife, when she was in Chicago a few weeks back called me from the Disney Store to say they had RKFDIL's favorite animal, Simba and 3 of his best friends in little stuffed versions and did I want her to get them? I said yes and she got them and they are going in RKFDIL's Easter basket...

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