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April 22, 2007



Mrs. P,

Thanks for the mention. Doing the CSPAN interview was a big kick (and dream come true) though the Sunday morning airing was kind of disappointing. Folks on their way to (or getting ready for) church and late-Saturday-nighters, my two constituencies, all missed it.
Still, the modest blip in book sales will allow me to start venturing into green shirt territory. Or, at least, greenish-blue.


Mrs. Peperium

I loved Book TV. i used to watch it back in the Brian Lamb days and it was on Sunday evenings. Hang-overs and Sunday church-goers are your two constituencies? Very amusing.

Do you know what has been a book dream for me? Going to the Hay-on-Wye book festival. It seemed so idyllic. But then they [the bozos that run it] dashed my dreams by having Bill Clinton be the main attraction several years ago. Another dream up in smoke...

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