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May 22, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

With summer coming--really!--it's time to turn our minds to such thoughts as:

The Maximum Leader

Thanks for keeping me in mind for reading Austen. It is truly the thought (and not the invite) that counts.

I am a little jealous of the trip on the Bluenose II. I have a t-shirt from the Bluenose. My traveling in-laws went to Novo Scotia a few years ago and took a trip on the Bluenose II. (And all I got was the t-shirt.)

I need to meet more people with sailboats. I know too many people with powerboats. Most of the time powerboats are just loud and distracting. I would love to go sailing this summer...

Mrs. Peperium

...in Maine?

The sail on the Bluenose II was quite an adventure. She is/was owned by my client at the time, Labatt's beer. A painting of her was featured on the Schooner beer cap.

She sailed into Boston harbor on a most picturesque early July day and picked us up - maybe 20 colleagues. We sailed under full sails, down past Hingham and back. At one point for (probably 2 hours) I just laid on my back on the deck, sipping Schooner ale and watching all the sailors up (who hailed from places like Greenwich Conn.) in the among the sails, climbing the ropes and whatnot.

The Maximum Leader

It sounds like your Bluenose II trip was great. I could go sailing just about anywhere I suppose. I have a friend (a former Captain USN) who owns a sailboat down in Norfolk. He says that anytime I'd like to join him on a sail out to Bermuda and back I can. He says the trip might take a week or so. I may try to take him up on it.

Unfortunately, I love sailing, but have no formal skills as a sailor. I have contemplated taking a course at one of the many schools in Annapolis, but I've allowed other things to become higher priorities.


Sounds lovely, Mrs. P. Growing up in Florida, sailing's always been something I've wanted to do. I have a license in scubadiving, and I've surfed, bodyboarded, gone deepsea fishing--but sailing has escaped me. Perhaps one of these days, once your beam and post house off the coast of Maine is built, we can get together and all go sailing.

By the way, Maine is lovely. My husband and I spent most of our honeymoon in Camden. Good luck with the move.

Mr. Peperium

Actually, Christine, the projected move is just that: projected. Like the Swan of Avon giving to airy nothing a local habitation and a name. Like the flitting shadows of an old black-and-white stag film flickering on a bedsheet nailed up in a dorm room. Like...but you get the idea.

This rent-boy of commerce must find a way of kidding his superiors into increasing his hourly rate by a factor of some hundredfold before the first post can dovetail with the first beam, or the first wattle meet the first daub.

Still, like all that local habitation stuff, it's a pretty thought.

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