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May 31, 2007


Father M.

Your mom's name is Fatima? Very wonderful! By the way, when in Dijon you will only be 1800 Kilometers from the other Fatima!


I hadn't known we'd be so close. You've just given me an idea...

It's easy to forget the proximity of other countries to France because one assumes the European continent is much larger than it is. France is only the size of Texas, after all; England's only the size of North Carolina. Two countries with histories longer and grander than many, and yet together they barely add up to two of our states.

Father M.

When in Fatima you can stay here on retreat, right next to the relic museum:



Amazing! And perfectly reasonable prices. Thanks for the tip!

Mrs. Peperium

"Not least is the French influence felt among the people themselves, who intermarried and produced what some have called the loveliest of all Eurasian blends."

Very true.

I know a Thuyet and a Nguyen. Both were refugees and are remarkably beautiful women without a trace of French blood. Their daughters are...oh my...

Mr. Peperium

Another (ironic?) instance of East meeting West: the town of Fatima was named--during the Islamic occupation of Iberia--after one of Mohammed's daughters.

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