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May 30, 2007



LOL. Wonderful anecdote, Mrs. P.

I'm afraid I am yet to refine my husband's sartorial habits. When we first met, let's just say jeans, t-shirts, and sneakers were the garb du jour. Since then, he's moved up to nice button-down shirts, and the sneakers have transformed into Rockports--but he remains terribly attached to those jeans. What to do? Sigh.

Old Dominion Tory

A delightful anecdote, Mrs. Peperium. Madame's Nightshirt is off to a . . . just a mo' . . . that doesn't look right. Let's try "Madame's Nightshirt has made a stunning debut," instead.

Mrs. Peperium

Thank you ODT.

Christine, now I've got at least 10 years on you. Mr. P was incredibly attached to his jeans too. But he hasn't worn a pair since he was 39... These things take time.

Start where I started. Pajamas. Yes, proper oxford cloth pajamas. White with navy blue piping is my favorite. Mr. P was/is quite fond of watching screwball drawing room comedies from the '30's. When I got him his first pair of proper pajamas and suggested we watch the Thin Man series with both of us in our proper pajamas and sipping on Sidecars, he never looked back...

Now proper cotton pajamas for men can cost about $80 a pair, but you ought to get about 18 months out of them. I buy them from Brooks Brothers outlets for at least 25% off the price but usually 40-50% off the price. Just call the outlet and have them do a phone order and ship it to you.

Then get a bartender book with a proper recipe and a great old movie...he'll put them on...


Oh la la! What a fabulous idea! And his birthday is fast approaching...


For your further inspiration, Daniel Patrick Moynihan:

With Rummy

With Nixon

With Irish walking hat

In Voting Day togs, 1976

At bar-side:

With Mrs Moynihan

Father M.

It is always nice to see "Last of the" and "Liberals" is the same sentence even if one has to tolerate "great" inbetween...

Mr. Peperium

Thanks, Irish Elk, for those glimpses of my early teens.

Christine, it's true. The Thin Man movies are the key!

Father M, I know how you feel. It;s just that I've always admired the late senator for his perception about "defining deviancy down". And I recall quite clearly the summer when, freshly graduated from college, I went to NYC where every lampost seemed to be festooned with posters featuring a savage caricature of Moynihan as a pig in a bow tie. Any Liberal capable of cheesing off other Liberals that much (Mr. Lieberman, for instance) is someone I wouldn't mind getting to know better.


Mrs. P,

So I'm spending the week on the Outer Banks, North Carolina (an annual trip for my family). If you're not familiar with this strip of land let's just say you'll find it halfway between the Hamptons and Florida.

Your post got me to thinking what Mr. P might come back looking like if he told the folks at Brooks Brothers to make him look like he'd just flown in from Nags Head.

If that ever happens, please include pictures.


Mrs. Peperium


Look at the glimpses of the press corps in those photos and compare it to how the press corps dresses today:


Despicable! As they are all college grads, capable of quoting Nietzche and Marx, plus they pull in 6 figures...

My favorite DPM photo is voting day...thanks...

TWM, what you wrote is hysterical. I am not familiar with the Outer Banks but I would like to be. I do know that John Edwards and that freaky looking former Senator from St. Louis (?) Richard Gephardt have summer enclaves there. So if Mr. P were to ask my friend at Brooks Brothers to dress him like he had just flown in from Nags Head, I would imagine she would trot him over to Barney's in NYC, then down the street to Cartier's for some saphire, ruby, and diamond channel set (in some sort of faux shield design) cufflinks and then, perhaps on to Hermes in Paris for his ties and hankys.


Mrs. P,

You've got all the right ingredients: North Carolina, Missouri, Barney's, faux. Put it all in a mixer and pour over Mr. P.

He'll appear wearing J.Crew madras shorts, Tivo sandals, boonie hat and a shirt letting us all know he went to Duke. Accessorize with extra long fishing pole and Vuarnet sunglasses.


Andrew Cusack

You're right: raspberry pink IS more Nantucket than Penobscot Bay.

Actually, come to think of it, round these parts we call that pink "Nantucket red", e.g. X: "Good god, why are you wearing pink shorts?" Y: "Why, they're not pink; they're Nantucket red!"

A slight inverse, I suppose, of the situation whereby hunting pink is actually red.


Of course, if you are going to hang around Nag's Head you need to do the Shag: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTdfvbyyPTw

Mrs. Peperium

Andrew, Nantucket reds used to have more red in them. They were worn be a certain type too. Usually the man that wore them also wore heavy duck cloth shorts with suede backsides and a canvas baseball cap with an extended visor crafted out of black patent leather. The character lines in the face ran very deep and the teeth had some natural yellowing to them. Those kind of men are largely gone now.

Think of an east coast version of William Holden:


Nasty, Brutish & Short

I love the Nantucket reds, and the reason they are sometimes less red is when they've been bleached by the sun and saltwater. This does not make them pink.

Also, a seersucker robe is terrific with swim trunks on trips from cottage door down to the beach. That's how I use mine.

Mrs. Peperium

Ok, now that I've had a glass of cold water...Nasty, Brutish & Short, Precisely! It used to be when a man purchased his Nantucket reds, they were red. Over the course of their lifetime, they faded to a less red. The more the sailor, the better the patina. The fog will really bleach clothes. When the fog used to come rolling in, our grandmother had us hang the bedding on the clothesline. When it rolled out, the bedding was always a brilliant white.

By the way, you might be amused to learn that your comment proved something my friends in Boston long ago determined : Guys from Cinncinati really knew how to dress.

Mrs. Peperium

Wow! Look at these red pants! (scroll down):



I need to ship my lady out to you and you can give her lessons on how to make me a better man.

Mrs. Peperium

Is that better man? Or is it better-dressed man? Or, is it that you are just feeling the first pangs of missing her?

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