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June 14, 2007



Sir Basil,
Please do give His Holiness a pitch on behalf of PP. I do not expect that he would sign on as a contributor. But I am sure Mr. and Mrs. P would be delighted to think that he might someday drop by and look around.
Have a wonderful trip.

Old Dominion Tory

Please have a most enjoyable summer, Sir Basil. I look forward to any travelogue you might be willing to post here at Patum Peperium.

the american fez

What? Only a single post? And just to inform readers that he won't be posting? Perhaps on his tour of England Sir Basil should tarry awhile at Berkeley Castle, where, stripped of his made-to-measure trousers, he should suffer chastisement in a manner similar to that meted out to Edward 2nd, a former guest of that melancholy stronghold.

Didi aka Nola

Thank you for commenting on my blog, it would be an honour. Have a nice trip and give the Pope my regards.


Good to see Sir Basil back for a little bit. Please come back and write some more after your trip.

Sir Basil Seal

My Dear Dorothy, I do promise to write...

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