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June 04, 2007



So, does his line end with him, then? Gotta love that cosmopolitan thinking...

BTW, I can see what you are saying about the first fellow, but he is right that one shouldn't be overly cruel. After all, being cruel is just another way of making it a very public matter. If one is to chide the one side for being too out and loud, then one should also be wary of drawing too much attention by making it a criteria of social jibbing and the like.

Mrs. Peperium

What the disgruntled Oxford student says about Oxford and his mates is quite cruel. Of course, one has to ask, "Sir, have you ever heard of Evelyn Waugh?"

In this very space, Patum Peperium, Evelyn Waugh has been attacked for his homosexual experimentation while at Oxford in the PREVIOUS CENTURY (1920's). His novel Brideshead Revisited which alludes to homosexual experimentation at Oxford in the PREVIOUS CENTURY (1930's) has been written off in this space by commenters merely a gay novel. The truth is, and an Oxford student ought to know this is that Brideshead Revisited was based on the real-life deathbed conversion to the Roman Catholic Church of an openly gay Oxford Don who had led a Sebastian Flyte-like existence. Waugh remained friends with this fellow and arranged for the priest to be brought to his deathbed. The friend recieved, and more importantly accepted, extreme unction.

The idea that Oxford is not an enviroment conducive to homosexual experimentation is laughable. Roll on the floor laughable. Why, Oxford is the very place the current Archbishop of Canterbury who held some important chair there, promoted for years active homosexuality as a viable Christian lifestyle before getting kicked upstairs to Lambeth Palace. He even set up some sort of group or ministry to that effect. The recently retired Bishop of Oxford was one of England's greatest promoters of the gay agenda. I haven't paid attention to what his successor believes but it's probably not much different. This student ought to try going to one of England's smaller and much less posh universities that teaches radical Islam to its students and attempt some homosexual experimentation there. He will find the grass most definitely greener at Oxford. Maybe he'll even think before he calls his good mates "not bad people, just ignorant..." in the Oxford student newspaper.

Andrew Cusack

"After reading that bake twaddle that foolish American and British parents spend $50,000 dollars a year to have pounded into the heads of their *brilliant* children, you are in need of a Cosmpolitan."

You mean American parents and British taxpayers. In Great Britain, everyone pays for college, not just those who happen to go there.

In Soviet Russia, car drives you!

Mrs. Peperium

"In Great Britain, everyone pays for college, not just those who happen to go there."

Really? Why that is positively idiotic. Who decided this? The Queen?


The same is true in Germany--and the fact that most students here are students until they are older than I am says something about that. Of course, the fact that I am currently a student at my age is not relevant since I worked and the fact that I get tuition paid for and get a stipend also doesn't matter since my stipend is paid for by the parents who send their kids to be taught by me and not by the government (although I am sure there is some government money in there somewhere). Also, the fact that the German government is currently paying for my tuition here in Germany is also irrelevant.

You shouldn't misinterpret me, I do think that that article you quoted says more about the guy who wrote it and his strange crushes on his pals than it does about Oxford. I am more than happy to take him at his word as he slams his friends, but his step of taking his friends and making them the student body, writ large, is problematic and I share with you the same thoughts about that. I mean, c'mon, everyone knows that every Brit being is gay at Uni. Michael Portillo anyone?

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