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June 14, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

Reading something about the Spanish Civil War, I came across a Carlist's description of an ideal prince or king. As I recall it was, "A prince who will happily drink from the same wineskin as me." Apparently, HRH the Duke of Braganza is such a man.

Young Fogey

The Marquis of Floresta, with whom I periodically correspond, is indeed a remarkable man. Still only 50 years of age (a mere babe in heraldic terms) he is a Doctor in Law (UCM), Doctor in Political Science and International Relations (UPM), Doctor in Medieval and Modern History (UNED), Professor of the University Camilo José Cela (Madrid), Chronicler-King of Arms of Castilla and Leon, ancient Professor of the University of Valladolid, Member of The Royal Academy for History, Member of The Royal Academy for Jurisprudence and Legislation, Fellow of the Society for Medieval Studies, Rector of the Academia Melitense Hispana, and Secretary of the Royal Academy of the Sea. He is the author of thirty books and 180 monographs and articles and is a national expert on specific laws and institutions. I shall refrain from enumerating his numerous awards and decorations.

He is also a thoroughly decent chap. I recently required something from Madrid and his cousin (who is a friend) asked him to obtain it for me, which he very kindly did. Yes, a very fine fellow.

Father M.

I am impressed (but not surprised the more I read from you!)at your encyclopedic knowledge of Floresta.

1. Do you have a tux handy and 2. Can you (and Mrs. Tory) be in DC Tuesday by six to put the Carlist's description to the test?

Sir Basil Seal

Father M, the Spanish costume which you describe in your post is an almost exact replica of the standard Cincinnati uniform here in the States...Just replace Hermes with Ben Silver and the pinky ring with class ring and wedding band worn on the same finger and you have the complete picture.

Mrs. Peperium

Somebody, somewhere, please give the King my regards. Oh, and gently remind him that only his saddles are to be Hermes...


Fr. M.

Mrs. P.,
The Duchess' father bred Lusitanos (the horses) so there may be a few nice saddles in the barn.

The Cincin-natty gents around here also usually have clever buttons on their blazers.

Mrs. Peperium

Father M.,

Because of this:

"What separates him from many other royals in a similar position is that he is not afraid to lead by example and to live his Faith. He understands that the blood royal has nothing to do with being photographed in the latest nightclubs, flirting with scandal and providing fodder for tabloids. Rather, a King is a man dedicated to his family and those entrusted to his care, an example of how others should live, and a defender of the defenseless."

I'm willing to overlook the Hermes tie...

Old Dominion Tory

Father M:
Thank you so very much for the tempting invitation. Alas, although I have a dinner jacket and Mrs. Tory is willing, demands of work and family will not allow me to motor up to D.C. on Tuesday.
Please give my best to HRH the Duke, however. I have no doubt he would fit the Carlist's description perfectly.

Old Dominion Tory

Mrs. Peperium:
The Spanish gentlemen were the ones wearing Hermes ties, not HRH.

Mrs. Peperium

ODT, ARE YOU NUTS? Invitations such as these do not grow on trees. The duties of your religion demand that you must go... You will regret missing this one.

Mario Mandingo

Father M:

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Although my great grandparents where Iberians too, alas not nobility. I have been inspired by your post. I will cook a paella tonight.

Old Dominion Tory

As to regretting missing this one, Mrs. P., in fact, I already do.

Mrs. Peperium

*sigh* Me too.

Andrew Cusack


Connecticut girls really do brim with vim, don't they.

Tip-top post, Father M!

Mrs. Peperium

Mandingo, I love paella. I have sister that went to University of Salamanca as well as did graduate work at the University of Lisbon. She is quite knowledgeable on Spanish and Portugese cuisine so I have been a big fan since junior high. In fact the best meal of my life was at a Portugese restaurant in that town right in between Greenwich Conecticut and Rye NY - the name escapes me, ack. It was a seafood stew, tomato-based with no eel, thank goodness. I loathe eel every since one wrappped itself around my mother's wrist as she tried to disentangle it from a hook. My brother had caught it fishing. Horrible. Anyway, Father M, now that I'm more aware of your bloodlines perhaps you might enjoy this old PP post:


Andrew, if Connecticut girls are not filled to the brim with vim, then, what's the point really?


" If these principles had been followed by other crowned heads, those heads would not have rolled."

Or, in some cases, it was precisely for such reasons regal Catholic heads rolled...


Lovely post, by the way. Was the rendez-vous at the Castle of Ourem?

Father M.

My grandparents weren't of noble stock either, I am sure that they were yak herders or whatever one did in Spain in The Day. One of the nice things about Spain is that, unlike England, anyone could apply for a coat of arms, no matter hoe humble. Paella sounds delicious and I remember my grandmother's paella with great affection.

Mr. Cusack, thank you!

Christine, The lunch took place at Lawrence's Hotel in Sintra which is the oldest continually active hotel on the Iberian peninsula.

Mrs. Peperium

Port Chester! It was Port Chester Mandingo!

Andrew Cusack

It had to be either Port Chester on our side of the border or Byram on the other. There's a lovely little place called Sam's right on the river which is good for a burger or the like. Sam grills them up himself in the kitchen, which is about the size of a galley. And he'll make your burger as rare as you'd like it, too!

Mrs. Peperium


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