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July 12, 2007


Old Dominion Tory

I share Mrs. Peperium's appreciation of the Earl and Countess of Wessex.
As she noted, Prince Edward has borne his reverses with dignity. His television series "Crown and Country" was intelligent, well-executed, and engaging which, if some commentators are to be believed, reflects the nature of the man. He and his father do an excellent job running the Duke of Edinburgh's Awards program together. In fact, either David Frum or Mark Steyn suggested Prince Edward be named Governor-General of Canada.
The Countess has that irresistible combination of beauty, brains, and a sound temperament. Is it any wonder they seem devoted to each other?
God bless them and their new child!

Young Fogey

The Earl of Wessex is warmly regarded in Canada, particularly in Saskatchewan, where he is Colonel-in-Chief of the Saskatchewan Dragoons, an honorary member of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, and a recipient of the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal. In 1994 the Old City Hall Mall heritage building in Regina, Saskatchewan was re-named "The Prince Edward Building". Excluding Her Majesty, no other member of the Royal Family has been so honoured by the province.

Mrs. Peperium

ODT, I did not know that about the Earl and Canada. Thank you.

Young Fogey, thank you for the deeper understanding of how Canada feels about the Earl. It's nice to know one of the outposts likes him and he doesn't have to rely on the Americans... I don't even think America takes notice of him. Probably because he dropped Prince for Earl. We Americans are that, you know...

Mrs. Peperium

By the way Young Fogey, that was some serious dressing at Henley. for those of you that did not see, please take a gander:


If you can recall, did the gentleman next to you have on a bolied wool jacket or was that an over-sized seersucker?

Old Dominion Tory

Of course, the Earl is ever a prince and, thus, is "HRH." The current plan is for him to inherit his father's title as Duke of Edinburgh when Prince Philip dies.

Andrew Cusack

Lumsden! He crops up everywhere. That man is a legend.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Cusack, It just figures you and I would not like the same Windsors. So tell me, is it many-pierced Zara who floats your boat?

Thank you ODT.

Young Fogey

Dear Mrs. Peperium,

Alas I cannot recall the exact type of jacket worn by my colleague -- I have asked him to post a reply. In the photograph we are all sporting the QDOR tie and cap, except for the two members on the left, both of whom wear the QDOR colours around their hats (panama and boater).

Dear Old Dominion Tory,

Please forgive my pedantry, but it is not stricly correct to state that the Earl of Wessex shall inherit his father's title when the Duke of Edinburgh dies. As with all peerage titles we must look to the remainder in the Letters Patent for guidance on inheritance.

Should the Duke of Edinburgh die before The Queen, his title shall be inherited by The Prince of Wales. Upon the death of The Queen the Prince of Wales shall become Sovereign and all of his peerage titles shall merge with the Crown. It is at *this* point that the new King will most likely bestow a new Dukedom of Edinburgh upon the Earl of Wessex.

If The Queen should die before the Duke of Edinburgh, HRH shall remain the Duke of Edinburgh and upon his death his title will immediately merge with the Crown; at which point a new Dukedom of Edinburgh could be created for the Earl of Wessex.

Young Fogey

Mr. Cusack,

I shall be pleased to mention you to Lumsden this weekend as I shall be seeing him tomorrow evening and again on Sunday afternoon as he is participating in a special commemoration of the bicentenary of the death of Henry Benedict Stuart, the last male member of the Royal House of Stuart (known to Jacobites as the Cardinal King Henry IX and I, otherwise known as the Cardinal Duke of York), which I am organising at the Royal Hospital, Chelsea on Sunday.

FYI, you can see another photograph of Lumsden at this link (he is in the second photograph):

Mrs. Peperium

hahahahaha I thought, silly American that I am, that Mr. Cusack was calling the Earl, Lumsden...

I'll have to take a closer look at the legendary Lumsden and please do tell him to drop by here...I like the sartorial cut of his jib, so to speak.

As for the correction on titles Old Fogey, you have demonstrated why Debrett's and Burke's still have their place in this very uncivilized world.

Old Dominion Tory

Young Fogey:
I thank you for the correction. I made the mistake of trusting reports in the British news media as to what the plans were for the title "Duke of Edinburgh." "Inherit," of course, was the wrong word.


It was reported at the time that Prince Charles was behind that negative campaign against the Wessexes. He's spent so much time building up Camilla's image, he wanted HER to be the only Lady in the House of Windsor that got positive attention -- he wanted Sophie off the scene and after the Sheik sting, that was pretty much a given. Now she seems to have really come into her own, but I think she and Edward will always have to keep an eye out for Charles. Some cross their fingers that he'll honor the Queen's wish and give Edward the Duke's title, because Charles doesn't have to when he is King -- he can do whatever he wants.

Andrew Cusack

Young Fogey:

Please do. I've only met the gentleman two or three times, but he's always left the best of impressions.

Mrs. P:

Zara's alright I suppose; I always did like horsey young ladies, but I guess Beatrice and Eugenie are better looking (despite not being blonde).

The Windsors are not, on the whole, great lookers however. We need more fetching blonde Catholic princesses, that's for sure.



Mrs. Peperium

Anon, someday Prince Charles will learn the hard way what most reasonable people already know : Camilla is no lady. Consort, yes. Queen someday but never a lady.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Cusack, I shall keep my eyes open for horsey young Catholic and available blondes...

This new information does put a few of those wedding photos in their proper context...

Andrew Cusack

Well, perhaps I should state that (our Mrs. Burke excepted) there are no young ladies in the wedding photos who are Catholic AND blonde.

Perhaps we should send some missionaries to Scandinavia and they can horde together a few hundred fetching young lasses and send them to America, in the style of les filles du Roi back when Quebec was New France.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. Cusack, are you aware of any studies of skin cancer rates between Traditional Catholic ladies and non-Traditional Catholic ladies?

The results may surprise some....


Mr. Cusack, there IS atleast one princess who is Catholic AND a blonde.
Her Imperial and Royal Highness Marie Christine Anne Astrid Zita Charlotte, Archduchess of Austria (born in 1983):

Young Fogey

Dear Jacobite and Mr. Cusack,

You might be interested in seeing photographs of the event I organised on Sunday at the Royal Hospital Chelsea in commemoration of the death of Henry Benedict Stuart, Cardinal-Bishop of Frascati, Vice-Chancellor of the Holy Roman Church and Dean of the Sacred College of Cardinals, a.k.a. King Henry IX and I or the Cardinal Duke of York:

Father M.

Young Fogey,
Two really top-notch posts back-to-back on your blog. It was interesting to see Fr. Mark Turnham-Elvins whose books on Arundel Priory and Cardinals and Heraldry I have greatly enjoyed. Was that Monsignior in one of the pictures actually wearing the "Order" of St. Lazarus in public? Yeeesh!


Chacun à son goût.

But everyone knows brunettes are more interesting, mysterious, and intelligent. And does anyone know of any blonde saints?

Well-known blondes: Nicole Simpson, Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson (not to mention every unfortunate handpicked by Hefner to live in the Playboy Mansion).

I rest my case.

Mais, comme j'ai dit, chacun à son goût.

Old Dominion Tory

Excellent post on Henry IX and I, indeed, Young Fogey. Congratulations on organizing these commemorations at these august and beautiful locations.


Young Fogey,

I enjoyed your posts very much! My friends have often been known to sing Jacobite songs and toast the King over the water, yet I must shamefully acknowledge that your posts were my first introduction to the Royal Stuart Society and the brother of Bonnie Prince Charlie.


Young Fogey,
If I may ask, are you Roman Catholic? I merely wonder because of your connection to the House of Stuart.

Young Fogey

Dear Father M, ODT and Lorraine, Thank you for your kind words.

Father M, as ever your eagle eye has correctly identified the gong in question. Father Mark Turnham-Elvins is a wonderful raconteur and a fount of knowledge on almost all decent subjects.

Christine, I am indeed (Roman) Catholic.

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