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July 12, 2007


Mrs. Peperium

Young Fogey, I just read a very nice and amusing review of you over at Nasty, Brutish And Short's blog. I hope you find it up to your standards:


Christine, between you and I, did you really think Young Fogey wasn't a Catholic? I think, for all his niceness to the current illiegitmate occupiers of the throne of England aside, he just screams out Catholic.

It's his manners that are the giveaway. Anglicans lost theirs long ago and now speak of the most unspeakable things in public, don't they Father M.?

Oh and Christine, I'm still thinking over the blonde saints question you posed. I can't come up with a blonde saint either. I think you have stumbled on to the real reason why "gentlemen" prefer blondes...


Mrs. P,
Yes, I did sense he was Catholic, but one always wants to make sure before leaping to conclusions.


No doubt Young Fogey is too humble to mention it himself however it is worth mentioning that not only is he a Roman Catholic but he is the descendant of one of Europe's great Catholic families. His grandmother is of the Princely House of Jablonowski, famed for their role commanding the cavalry at the Battle of Vienna in 1683 which crushed the Turkish army and halted the Islamist threat to Europe.

Mrs. Peperium

Matthew, welcome and thank you for the additional information. Cavalry, you say? I was wondering if Young Fogey had a good seat and it appears he does. (Or should.) Perhaps some day, he'll post pictures of himself (and his friends) riding to the hounds.

Oh, but hunting isn't allowed in England anymore. Young Fogey, if gentlemen like you are not allowed to hunt and smoke, then how will you continue on in the fine tradition of being gentlemen? Will you have to move to Ireland?

(That would be ripe, huh?)

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