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July 30, 2007


Father M.

Now you're going to get all the hits from people googling Vatican + Sacred Monkeys and our saintly simians perfer to remain undisturbed...

Mrs. Peperium

*sigh* I did take their discomfort into consideration but the John Roberts + Opus Dei thingummy is bigger in some ways, than the Monkeys' discomfort. Besides I have been assured that if the Sacred Monkeys do get upset, all it will take to calm them down are new wooden toys carved from their favorite trees; the protected-by-international law trees in the rainforests.

The Vactican will simply order the clear cutting of the rainforests to calm the saintly simians.

Father M.

Well why else do you think that we keep albino monks but to clear cut the rain forest?

Mrs. Peperium

They can clear cut the rainforests? Wow! To think, I thought the albino monks were only kept around to stir the adult beverages. You really do learn something new everyday. Thanks Father M.!

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