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July 06, 2007


Arthur B. Candy (Mr.)

Enough already with the sea cruises and deck chairs. You've been in Milwaukee the whole time.

Mr. Peperium

Not to put too fine a point on it, but aren't you basking in the attention that should more properly be lavished on the editors--or at least one of them--of this online potpourri? I name no names, but I think my point is taken.

Mrs. Peperium

Mr. P, is this, not to put a to fine point on it, a request for some candy yourself?

Mr. Arthur B. Candy, .....hahahahahaha.... and naturally a bottom's up!

Mr. Peperium


Ship's Chaplain

This goes out to Basil and Candy somewhere in the ship's bar on the Lido Deck...


Taffy (Candy's bosom buddy)

Mr. Peperium,

I just looove Sylvia Plath. I've read all of her books. My favorite is "For Whom the Bell Jar Tolls".

It really tolled for me.

Nola Girl

Just to say hallow Mrs P, and sorry I didn't comment on your posts before, but I would like to in the future.

Sir Basil, I look forward to finding out what Candy will do next.

Mrs. Peperium

Hallo Didi. Feel free to comment whenever you like. All the writers here enjoy comments and commenters. Particularly those of Irish origins.

Sir Basil certainly does have his hands full, doesn't he? Hmmn...whatever can be next for our man of pastille?

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